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The Sudden Death of Alan Thicke

When I read about the sudden death of actor Alan Thicke I was naturally curious about what was going on in his horoscope at that time. His complete horoscope with a verified time of birth in available in Astrodatabank. (Click on Alan Thicke to see it.) So I pulled up his chart, looked at the transits and secondary progressions and saw pretty much what I expected to see. What that was, however, I am not at liberty to report.

There are a couple of reasons why astrologers are reluctant discuss or predict death. If you’re wrong in such a prediction, you’ve just frightened someone for no reason, and if you’re right, no one is likely to congratulate you. Likewise, if I were to describe the aspects I saw in Thicke’s horoscope, and someone saw similar configurations in their own, that might cause them undue concern.

The transits and progressions I saw in Alan Thicke’s chart for the day he died were all aspects that had occurred several times during the course of his life. They may have not occurred in the same combination or in the same signs or houses, but they were all commonly occurring alignments. When these aspects occurred previously in Thicke’s life, they no doubt caused stress in one way or another. This time when they occurred they brought stress to a major organ that could not endure it.

Back in the old days astrologers often predicted death, and people accepted those predictions without much bother. They assumed that death, like most things at that time, was beyond their control, so why worry about it.

 I recall hearing Lee Lehman, an astrologer who specializes in traditional astrology, say that she had used the techniques those ancient astrologers used to predict death. What happened, she said, was that the person in question would get ill during the period specified by the technique, often with ailments that could have proven fatal in the 1300s, but through modern medicine they would be quickly cured.

We live in a world in which much of what was considered “fate” in the ancient times is fixable. In fact, it is hard for us to imagine anything that is not fixable, through science, medicine or just the power of our will. And that’s why astrologers shy away from discussing death, because it implies that there might be something out there that is not fixable. The implication with astrology has always been that there is a power greater than our own, and that bothers a lot of people. Unfortunately, regardless of whether or not we can predict a person’s death, it also happens to be true.

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