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Astrology at Work: Frank SinatrasinatraImage

Frank Sinatra was a volatile person. Stories of his behavior describe both extreme egotism and frequent emotional breakdowns. Though he often played at being a tough guy, he was actually a very sensitive man whose feelings were easily bruised.

This is clearly evident in his horoscope, (click here to see the chart) in which a strong Sagittarian Sun is combined with a vulnerable Pisces Moon. The Sun is square Jupiter, which expands the ego and increases the natural Sagittarian tendencies to go too far and expect too much. The Moon is trine Pluto, an aspect that adds a dark, depressive quality to the highly emotional nature of the Moon in Pisces.

In Nov. 1951, when disruptive Uranus was exactly opposite his Venus, Sinatra married Ava Gardner. His decision to leave his first wife and their three children to pursue Gardner had already done extensive damage to his career. The public, which had so long adored the crooner, quickly turned against him. His recording contract was cancelled and he was reduced to scrounging for work in clubs. Nonetheless, it was apparent that Sinatra was so much in love with Gardner that none of this mattered.

Gardner, who was a Sun sign Capricorn, proved her love for Sinatra in a typically practical way, by helping him get a role he coveted in the blockbuster movie, “From Here to Eternity.” (And no horses were harmed in her efforts.) The movie was released in Aug 1953 and Sinatra’s brilliance as Maggio was universally acknowledged. In March, 1954 he would win an Oscar for the role and his career would be revived. He would go on become the most dominant entertainer of the century.

Oddly enough, the most important date, astrologically, for Sinatra during this period had nothing to do with “From Here to Eternity". That was Nov. 1953, when Saturn crossed his Ascendant, part of one of the all-important Saturn Cycles. When Saturn crosses the Ascendant we are forced to acknowledge a new phase in our identity, in the way we relate to the outside world. We can assume that buzz about Sinatra performance in the movie was, by November, having some impact on his career, but what actually happened at this time had more to do with his personal life.

In November 1953 Sinatra attempted suicide. It was not a particularly serious attempt. He slashed one of his wrists. Nor was it his first suicide attempt. He has taken an overdose of pills shortly before his marriage to Gardner, when he thought she was not going to marry him. A friend managed to get Sinatra to the hospital before he bled out, and a story was concocted to cover up any hint of suicide, but the singer remained distraught. He knew that his relationship with Ava Gardner was over.

The relationship between Sinatra and Gardner has never been stable. It seems that each regarded the other as the love of their lives, but neither was prepared to make room in their equally substantial egos to allow this love to grow. Instead they fought and drank and had great sex, which was followed by more fighting and drinking. By Nov. 1953, Gardner had accepted two movie roles, one that would have her in Africa for several months and one that would take her to Spain, and she didn’t seem to mind the fact that this would mean a prolonged separation from her husband.

Saturn Cycle aspects often coincide with important events in our lives, but their real importance is what they do to our inner lives. In Nov. 1953 Frank Sinatra recognized that his one big grab at true love, the love he was prepared to sacrifice everything for, had failed. He would continue to pursue Gardner for a year or two, but without much hope. He would have to find a new way to face the world, a way that would, for the most part, involve him playing the tough guy, invincible to emotional entanglements.

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