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Neptune in Pisces and Fake News

In April 2011 President Barack Obama, in response to persistent rumors that he had not been born in the United States, released his long form birth certificate which clearly showed that his placeof birth was Hawaii. For any reasonable person this would have settled the issue, but for an extremely vocal minority (which included our current President-Elect) the release of this document only acerbated the controversy, sparking new, wider and wilder conspiracy theories.

Interestingly, it was in April 2011 that Neptune entered Pisces, the sign it rules and where its influence is strongest. Neptune is associated with several wonderful qualities, such as compassion, creativity and spirituality, but it also represents delusions and illusions. In addition, Neptune has a lot to do with popular culture, and with the pervasive images, rumors and memes that weave their way through popular culture. And, of course, at its worst, Neptune rules plain, old-fashion lies.

I don’t know what people who have studied the phenomenon in depth might think, but I tend to associate the reaction to Obama’s release of his birth certificate with the beginning of what is now labeled fake news, that is to say so-called reporting that makes claims totally unsupported by facts.

As Neptune has moved further into Pisces, this disregard for the facts has become endemic. Now the internet is inundated with fake news. People are reading, and apparently believing, reports that are sometimes based on rumor and innuendo, and sometime just made up. One study revealed that, just before the election, more people were visiting fake news sights on line than real news sights.

It would seem that Neptune’s passage through Pisces has brought about a redefining of truth. Suddenly, what a person feels should be true, or could be true is sufficient to make it true. For example, if I want to believe that Hillary Clinton and members of the Democratic Party are running a child trafficking operation out of a pizza joint in Washington D.C., then that statement is true until someone proves otherwise, perhaps by going into said pizza joint with a gun and shooting the place up.

It’s scary to think that Neptune is going to remain in Pisces until 2026. By that time, if the current trend continues, reality will be a distant dot in our collective rearview mirror. Let’s hope (and let’s work to make it so) that the rest of Neptune’s journey through its own sign brings out the better side of the planets nature, that instead of clicking on inflammatory lies people will start looks for ways to feed their spiritual needs and to demonstrate their compassion for the fellow human.