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Lucky Twenty-Onetrumpimage

In an earlier article I mentioned that Donald Trump would protected by positive aspects for the next several months. Now, I like to explain that in more detail.

First of all, Trump’s secondary progressed Sun is still within a degree of a conjunction to his natal Ascendant. This is the aspect I saw a year and a half ago when I predicted that, despite what everyone one was saying at the time, he would be a serious candidate for the nomination. The aspect is waning, but I think it will still be a factor deep into 2017.

Then we have Uranus, which was trine Trump’s Moon and sextile his Sun when he was elected. This is an aspect of surprising good fortune and it is going to be around for a while. Uranus is not moving retrograde. It will turn direct at 20Aries33 on Dec. 29. Trump’s Moon is at 21Sagittarius12 and his Sun is at 22Gemini56, so Uranus is still fairly closes to aspecting both. As it moves forward, the planet will complete it last trine to Trump’s Moon on Feb. 6, 2017 and the sextile to his Sun on Mar. 18.

This Uranus aspect is not all good news for Trump. He’s going to feel free of constrains and inclined to do things “off the cuff”. We’ve just seen a recent example of this with his phone conversation with the leader of Taiwan. However, when Uranus is working in our charts we tend to get away with our mistakes and miscues. The bill doesn’t come due until after the aspect has passed.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Libra is easing into the 21 to 22 degree slot. It will sextile Trump’s Moon on Jan. 1 and his Sun on Jan. 26. Then it turns retrograde and will make these same aspects again, hitting the Sun on Feb. 17 and the Moon on Mar. 14. With positive aspects from benevolent Jupiter added to the aspects by Uranus during this same period, Trump will be golden for the first three month of 2017. No matter how badly he messes up, luck will be on his side.

There is one negative note to all of this. Saturn is also approaching that 21 to 22 degree mark, only it is transiting Sagittarius. It’s conjunction to Trump’s Moon will be exact on Dec. 30 and the opposition to his Sun will be exact on Jan. 15. I explained what I thought that would mean in an earlier article. (Click here to see that article.) Trump is definitely going to have difficulty adapting to his new job. Saturn is about doing hard things, and that’s going to become more and more apparent as Trump moves through these Saturn aspects.

Overall, however, I think that the Uranus and Jupiter aspects in Trump’s chart are going to win out over dour old Saturn. It’s going to be a celebration. Republicans who previous criticized him are suddenly singing his praises. The loyal opposition has been sufficiently hobbled and the press intimidated. Trump is going to enjoy a triumphant march through the first three of months of 2017. However, Saturn will be coming back that 21 to 22 degree mark this summer, long after Uranus has moved on. That’s when things could get interesting.