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Donald Trump and the Recounttrumpimage

The word “recount” has dismal associations for most Americans. We remember the election of 2000 and the whole “hanging chad” debacle. My memory is that even Democrats were not all that sorry when the Supreme Court stepped in an ended the affair. We had had enough. (Of course, if we’d known the results would take us into a useless war in Iraq and the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, we might still be recounting.)

The current call for a recount of votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin made by Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, and supported by Hillary Clinton seems to promise more of the same. However, there is a new element. That is the possibility of hackers (possibly from Russia) interfering with voting machines in particular districts. Such a revelation would not only affect the outcome of the election, it could damage our confidence in democracy.

What’s interesting about this from an astrological point of view is the fact that Saturn is currently moving toward a conjunction with Donald Trump’s natal Moon and an opposition to his natal Sun. The aspect to the Moon will not become exact until the last week of Dec. It opposition to the Sun will be exact in early January, shortly before his inaugurations.

The conjunction of Saturn to the Moon tends to be a personal matter. It indicates a period of self-criticism and fearfulness. It occasionally manifests as difficulty with an important female in a person’s life, or as the loss (either through death or other circumstances) of such a person. However, since self-criticism doesn’t seem to be something Donald Trump does, and his wife is young, I not really sure how this aspect will impact him.

 I talked about the opposition to the Sun in my last article on Kanye West. It often manifests as a challenged to a person’s self-esteem or physical vitality. When I first saw this aspect coming in Trump’s chart I wondered if, after a long and grueling campaign, he might fall victim to some sort of illness. Amd, as President Obama recently pointed out, the enormity of the office Trump just won has a way of making a person feel humble. However, now we have to consider what would happen to Trumps standing if it was shown that Russian hackers were tampering with voting machines in order to get him elected.

There is already evidence that Trump’s transition into the office has been troubled. I think the Saturn aspects to his Sun and Moon tell us that this process is going to get worse. The recount may add to his troubles, but I don’t think it is going to change the outcome of the election. Trump still has good aspect from Uranus to his Sun and Moon that should keep him riding high until March. Of course, nothing about the election of 2016 has been normal, so there is always the possibility of more surprises.

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