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What’s Up with Kanye West?

This year’s election seems to have everyone in a dither. Yesterday, it was reported that Kanye West was hospitalized. Though there has thus far been no confirmation of this from West, police were called to his home because of an altercation and determined the problem to be medical. Meanwhile, the remainder of his current tour has been cancelled.

A couple of days earlier the performer had shocked his audience by going into a long rant in which he voiced his support for Donald Trump. Whether these two events are connected is anyone’ guess, but I thought it might be interesting to look at West’s horoscope to see what’s happening.

The horoscope I’m using for West is rated “C” for caution by the Astrodatabank. (Click here to see the horoscope.)The source of the time of birth is unknown, so we can’t be too sure about the angles or the placement of the Moon. However, we can be sure that Saturn is moving into an opposition with West’s Sun. If the time is correct, Saturn is also square to his Moon.

What these Saturn transits (particularly the opposition to the Sun) indicate is a crisis of confidence. Our vitality and sense of self are challenged. Often this aspect is accompanied by an illness or a period of incapacity. The reason given by West’s people for cancelling his concerts is that he is exhausted.

Of course, as with everything with Saturn, this transit is a test. People who are able to overcome the adversity that accompany this aspect will often feel a renewal of their confidence and physical well-being. On the other hand, people who simply surrender to the suffering and make no attempt to reestablish their psychic center can experience this aspect as a life-changing blow.

Yesterday, Mercury added its influence to these Saturn transits. Mercury moved into a conjunction with West’s Neptune and an opposition to his natal Jupiter. The opposition between Jupiter and Neptune in West’s natal chart (which is close to exact) is the source of his musicianship and originality, but it is also associated with his occasional weirdness. Having Mercury trip this powerful aspect in the middle of a Saturn transit could easily bring out bizarre behavior.

As I said, we can’t be sure of the chart I’m using for Kanye West. However, if the time of birth is actually correct, this is just the being of a long period of change for the musician. In this chart Pluto is approaching a conjunction with his Descendant. Pluto will be moving back and forth this important angle for all of 2017 and into 2018. Pluto brings transformation, and it often works at a slow, incremental pace. Still, this wild weekend may just be the beginning of what could be very significant year for Kanye West.


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