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The Death of Leonard CohenCohenLeonardimage

I was poking around the news outlets, looking amid the ruins of Tuesday’s election for something cheery to write about, and I found only more bad news. The death of Leonard Cohen was announced. Not that this would be unexpected. He was 82 years old. But Cohen’s place in the world of pop music was unique that I don’t think that anyone will ever be able to fill it.

Cohen’s horoscope was also unique. His Virgo Sun is in an exact conjunction with his Ascendant. (Click on Leonard Cohen to see the chart.) This means that his outer personality and his inner personality were exactly aligned. Cohen experienced great success in his professional life, and that success provided him with plenty of material rewards. We can see this in his chart with Jupiter near the cusp of his Second house. And yet, Cohen was not satisfied with this material success.

Because of this conjunction, when Cohen became dissatisfied there was no argument between outer appears (the Ascendant) and inner ego (the Sun). He put aside his worldly life and went to live in a Buddhist monastery. Being so emphatically a Virgo, he found comfort in the mundane routines of this lifestyle. Humility doesn’t necessarily come more easily to Virgos than to other people, but when they accept it, they wear it with inspirational grace.

There was also a modesty about Cohen’s music. His songs never overwhelmed. They slowly transported you through a quiet world of images and ideas. Another remarkable thing about Cohen’s horoscope is the almost exact conjunction of Venus with Neptune. These are the two planets most closely associated with the arts, and Neptune is particularly important to music. This conjunction takes place in Cohen’s Twelfth house, telling us that his huge talent was not for us, but part of his own inward journey. We just had the good fortune of being about to listen in.

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