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The Morning AfterTrumpLeftimage

A lot of astrologers are wiping the egg off their face this morning, and that’s not because of what they had for breakfast. As I reported in my last article, the unanimous verdict at this year’s I.S.A.R. conference on prediction was that Hillary Clinton would win the election. That, of course, did not happen.

I added my voice to this general, astrological acclamation, but at least I was open about the fact that my opinion was probably skewed by the fact that I found the idea of a Trump presidency abhorrent. I still do, but now we are all going to have to live with the abhorrent for at least four years.

Actually, I did predict that Trump would do better than many people expected and that he would likely win a majority of votes cast. Looking at the aspects in his chart (transiting Uranus sextile him Moon and trine his Sun and his secondary progressed Sun on his Ascendant) I was fairly sure he would exceed expectations. It makes me wonder what those astrologers at the I.S.A.R conference were looking at. It’s pretty basic stuff.

Of course, I did spot a couple of negative aspects that I thought might trip Trump up. However, the negativity of these contacts was apparently countered by the positive aspects in his chart. Anytime we have both positive and negative aspects in a horoscope, gaging which will be more effective can be problematic. Obviously, I should have given more weight to the “good luck” Uranus aspects in Trump’s chart.

As for Clinton, my hope was that the trine between Saturn and her Mars and Pluto would be more positive than I had first thought. Several months ago I wrote that she could not win the election with this aspect, but that it could give her the toughness to stand strong while Donald Trump lost it. We all have to admit that Trump did all he could to lose this election. The American people just refused to let it happen.

The only good thing to come out of this election for astrologers (except for those few who were Trump supporters) is that we are going to have a lot to talk and write about in the coming months and years. Unlike Clinton, we have a complete horoscope for Trump with a reliable time of birth, so we should be able to do a better job of predicting his future than we’ve done so far.

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