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Predicting the ElectionHillaryvsDonald

Last month, at a conference held by the International Society for Astrological Research, every astrologer asked predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the election. The fact that the theme of the conference was prediction added extra weight to this judgment. According to Ray Merriman, the president of the I.S.A.R., this verdict came from astrologers of every type and technique. It was unanimous.

I have a little trouble with predictions like that because, although I know several astrologers who are staunch Republicans, I think that is safe to say that we star-gazers generally lean to the left. So, in any large group of astrologers, liberals are likely to outnumber conservatives. And, of course, Trump is a heavy load even for the conservatives among us. Considering this, even this unanimous judgment from such a group has to be taken with a grain of salt.

This is not to say that astrologers can’t put aside their political convictions and consider only the astrology of the matter. I’m sure that many can. However, astrology rarely gives up its secrets in stark black and white. The astrologer is required to make judgments. I would probably be more convinced by the I.S.A.R.'s verdict if a few astrologers had predicted a victory for Donald Trump.

My own position on the election should be clear to anyone reading these pages. It is impossible for me to look at the aspects impacting the horoscopes of Clinton and Trump on Election Day and not hope to find some major clunker that will spell out doom  in big letters for Trump.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. He is still under the beneficial trine by transiting Uranus to his Moon. In his secondary progressed horoscope, the conjunction of his progressed Sun with his Ascendant, the aspect that has fueled his unlikely candidacy from the first, is growing weaker, but it is still effective.

Clinton’s chart is dominated by the trine of transiting Saturn to her Mars and Pluto. Her secondary progressed horoscope shows some positive aspects. Progressed Jupiter is trine her natal Pluto. If the 8AM chart is correct, the progressed Moon is sextile her Mars and Saturn, but we can’t know that for sure without a reliable time of birth. (Click here to see an explanation of the controversy regarding HRC birth time.)

Overall, the candidates seem to have just about the same mixture of good and bad aspects. Trump’s situation is more about luck, while Clinton’s is all about toughness. However, there are a couple of aspects in Trump’s secondary progressed chart that might tip the scales. The progressed Moon is conjunct his natal Saturn, indicating disappointment, and progressed Jupiter is square in natal Saturn, indicating a feeling of being blocked by the conventions and rules of society.

This is my prediction. Clinton will win enough electoral votes to become president, but Trump will either win a majority in the popular vote, or close enough to it to make him a force to be reckoned with in future months. The only good thing about that is that it will be mostly be the Republican Party, or what’s left of the Republican Party, that is going to have to deal with him and his constituents.

And this is my disclaimer. I am not just a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I am someone who regards the possibility of a Trump presidency with unmitigated horror. If you think the skews my judgment in this matter, you’re probably right.

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