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Bad Moon Rising for James Comey

The New Moon as sort of shifted the narrative regarding the new Clinton emails. Instead of being all about Hillary Clinton the conversation has become more and more about F.B.I. Director, James Comey. F.B.I. directors don’t often find themselves in the political spotlight. Even J. Edgar Hoover generally did his dirty work behind the scenes. So, Comey is not in a comfortable position.

What is in question is Comey’s motivation and timing for telling Republican members of Congress about his investigation. It has been the policy of the F.B.I. not to release information about ongoing investigations, and not to release information about investigations that could sway an election. Comey broke both of these precedents when he sent his letter to congressional Republicans.

Of course, Comey was criticized last summer when he announced that there was not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against Clinton because of the email scandal. Donald Trump and Republicans in general were very vocal in their complaints. There was apparently also a lot of grumbling within the F.B.I. among agents who are not fond of Hillary.

Comey is a Sagittarius by Sun sign (click on James Comey to see a chart done for noon on his birthday). Sagittarians are noted for their ability to make quick, definitive decisions. Unfortunately, they are also prone to making quick, definitive decisions that contradict one another. This seems to be what Comey has done, and in the process he has put himself at the center of a political whirlwind.

There are several interest aspects going on in Comey’s horoscope right now. Transiting Uranus is trine his natal Sun. Under this aspect his impulsive, Sagittarian Sun would be pushed toward even more daring and independent actions. We can see the influence of this aspect in the fact that Comey ignored the recommendation of the Attorney General, who advised him not to release information about the investigation.

At the same time, transiting Neptune is square his natal Mercury (and trine his natal Neptune). Neptune obscures and confuses. Mercury is about communication. Comey may have thought the short letter he sent Republican members of Congress was clear, but it has proved to be subject to a wide range of interpretations. Democrats see it as an admission that the found emails are unlikely to produce new conclusions, while Republicans see it as a jail sentence for Hillary Clinton.

Finally, transiting Saturn is quincunx Comey’s natal Mars. The quincunx aspect seems to be playing a pivotal role in this election. (It is a quincunx between Uranus and Clinton’s Mercury that caused me to predict a couple of weeks ago that she would be getting bad news.) This seems appropriate, since the quincunx describes events that come at us from unforeseen and unreasonable directions..

The quincunx bearing down on Comey’s horoscope right now describes pressure and conflict with authority figures. Comey has obviously pissed off one of the people who will eventually become his boss, and if he doesn’t find something with which he can indict Clinton in the new email, he will seriously disappoint the other. As head of an independent agency, neither Clinton nor Trump can fire Comey, but his situation is likely to remain uncomfortable, regardless who is elected.

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