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Trumps Gets a Boost from UranusHillaryvsDonald

When I’m right, unfortunately, I’m all too right. Last week (click here to see the article) I predicted that any last minute change in the flow of the election would favor Donald Trump, and that Clinton’s campaign was in danger of being threatened by unexpected revelations. Now we have the F.B.I. announcing that they’re investigating and new trove of Clinton emails found on the server of Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin, a  Clinton aide.

If I had thought about it in more detail, I probably could have predicted the day of the revelation. The announcement from the F.B.I. came as transiting Mars square transiting Uranus. It was the quincunx between Uranus and Clinton’s natal Mercury that I saw when I made the original prediction.

Meanwhile, that same Uranus is trine Donald Trump’s Sun and sextile his Moon, two positive aspects that describe sudden changes and surprises likely to benefit the person in question. Trump was already gaining on Clinton in the polls, and these revelations could well to increase that trend. For the first time in several months there seems to be a chance the Trump could be elected president.

Clinton’s response to the new email investigation has been very much in keeping with the trine to her natal Mars and Pluto by Saturn. She got tough. She challenged the F.B.I. to expedite their investigation and tell her and the American people what they really have. The chances of this actually happening, however, are slim. Experts concur that this investigation will certainly take longer that the ten days we have until the election.

So it seems that Trump is getting the full benefit of his Uranus aspects. Will it be enough to make him victorious on Nov. 8? I’m not so sure. At its best, Uranus liberates. It takes you in an exciting new direction that accents your independence. Taking on the grueling work of governing just doesn’t sound like Uranus to me, particularly for someone as ill-prepared for this challenge as Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Clinton is going to get a little taste of Jupiter next week, when that planet crosses her natal Neptune. This is a time when she will feel particularly emotional and vulnerable. Given her “tough girl” persona, Clinton might keep this feeling hidden, but it would be interesting to see how a display of genuine human compassion would affect her campaign. Personally, I think it could help her.

As various experts have pointed out, at this point in the election people have already decided who they are voting for (or against, which is more likely) and this new email flap is not going to have a big impact on the polls. What it could do, however, is cause people who are still wavering on Hillary to stay home on Election Day. As I’ve said several times, I think that this election will be close and nothing should be taken for granted.