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Jupiter Time

Because its movement through the signs is relatively quick, Jupiter aspect are not always as important a factor in our lives as those of Saturn, Uranus and the other outer planets. Jupiter's aspects pass quickly, typically lasting only a week or two. Often, these are periods of increased confidence and courage, but the changes these aspects bring rarely make an enduring impact on our lives.

 However, there are times when Jupiter hits a point in our charts that is particularly important, and when that happens, all the expansive, exuberant energy of this planet can come bursting into our lives. I call this Jupiter time, and when it comes along, great things can happen.

Someone was ready for her Jupiter time was the former “Fox and Friends” co-host, Gretchen Carlson. In late June of this year Carlson was informed that her contract with Fox News would not be renewed.  What the people at Fox News didn’t know, however, was that Carlson had been secretly recording conversations with Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, in preparation for filing a sexual harassment suit against him.

In Carlson natal horoscope (click here to see a chart done for noon on her birthday) Uranus and Pluto are in a tight conjunction and square her natal Mars. This configuration shows us that she is a fighter, someone who thrives in an adversarial situation and fights according to her own rules and no one else’s. As an anchor on Fox News, Carlson’s fighting spirit was often displayed in her right wing, partisan views. In 2007, for example, she accused Ted Kennedy to being an enemy of America because he opposed the War in Iraq.

Of course, Carlson’s combative nature was not only not the asset that she brought to Fox News. Roger Ailes made no secret of his desire to dress up his news shows with good looking women, and as a former Miss American, Carlson fit the bill. Carlson was instructed to dress so as to show off her figure and her legs. Carlson seemed to acquiesce to this treatment, and to being belittled by her co-hosts, but in reality she was not at all happy.

At the time she was fired Jupiter was in Virgo exactly square to her natal Mars and leaving a conjunction with her natal Uranus and Pluto. In other words, transiting Jupiter was triggering the aspect in Carlson’s horoscope that made her a fighter. So she fought back. Two weeks after she was fired, Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit against Roger Ailes. This was a dangerous thing to do. Ailes was a powerful man known for his ruthlessness. But Mars square Uranus doesn’t look at the odds when entering a fight, and Mars square Pluto is at its best in a dirty, no-holds-barred battle.

Of course, that tough, no-holds-barred never quite materialized. Once Carlson broke the ice, more women came forward and accused Ailes of sexual harassment, and the head of Fox News quickly went from unassailable to unemployed. In Sept. Fox News settled with Carlson for two million dollars. By this time, Jupiter had moved far beyond her natal Uranus and Pluto and was trine her Venus. Since we don’t have her time of birth, we don’t know what sector of the horoscope Venus occupies in her chart, but it tempting to think it would be in the Second House, of money. 

If you're looking forward to your own Jupiter time, the thing to keep in mind is that Jupiter doesn't create opportunites. It expands them. Carlson's Jupiter time might have fizzled if she hadn't already made all the preparations to file suit before Jupiter hit those significant degrees in her chart. You have to do you work before a strong Jupiter aspect, and then, if you're lucky and the rest of horoscope cooperates, Jupiter time be a time of bounty.

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