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The Final Debate and the AftermathHillaryvsDonald

I have to admit that I was mistaken about how the aspects were going to work Trump’s and Clinton’s horoscopes during the last debate. I had expected Jupiter aspects to bring out the charming side of Trump’s Gemini nature. Instead, it only expanded his truculence. I had feared that the abundance of Pluto energy in Clinton’s chart would make her appear cold and ruthless. Instead, she was just ruthlessness enough to match her opponent’s macho aggressiveness.

The tone for the debate was really set by the conjunction of transiting Mars and transiting Pluto. Both candidates demonstrated the over-the-top, take-no-prisoners tendencies of that aspect, with Clinton calling Trump a puppet of Vladimir Putin, and Trump refusing to say he would accept the results of the election if it didn’t go his way.

The question now is whether anything will happen during the next couple of weeks to change the polls that show Clinton with a relatively comfortable lead. After all, the Wikileaks people are still putting out stolen emails that could potentially embarrass Clinton, and who knows what new outrage is going to come out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Looking at the transits impacting the charts of the two candidates between now and Election Day, I have to say that any drastic change is more likely to favor Trump. The main aspect influencing him during this period will be a trine by transiting Uranus to his natal Sun. At the same time, Uranus is sextile his natal Moon.  (Click here to see a double chart with Trump’s inside and a chart for Election Day on the outside.)

Uranus brings surprises and sudden good fortune. An unexpected turn in the polls would be very much in keeping with these aspects. Of course, Uranus also represents liberation, and winning the election would be anything but a liberation for Trump. He would be faced with an office and a burden for which he is poorly prepared, both in terms of his experience, and his temperament.

In Clinton’s chart, Uranus is quincunx her natal Mercury. This is a weak aspect, but one that could bring bad news or damaging revelations. If Clinton continues to handle the trine to her natal Pluto and Mars by Saturn the way she did during the last debate, she will have the toughness and will-power to shrug off a lot of slings and arrows. Whether this will be enough to see her through to the election, however, remains to be seen. (Click here to see a double chart with Clinton’s done for 8am on the inside and a chart for Election Day on the outside.)

With all of this in mind, I have to repeat what I’ve been saying ever since the campaign started. The election will be closer than people think, and Donald Trump could still win. I would love to be proven wrong about this, but no matter what you think of astrology or my predictive techniques, I don’t think anyone should count on it.

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