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The Elusive HRC Birth Time

Astrologers have never been sure of the time of Hillary Clinton’s birth. For a long time opinions have been split between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Both times have been given out, either by Clinton’s staff or by various people quoting her or her mother. Recently, however, an astrologer named Marc Penfield claimed to have obtained the time from her birth certificate. He was supposed to release the information at October ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) conference. Unfortunately, his big reveal turned out to be a big bust.

Penfield claimed he had an indirect confirmation from an anonymous clerk at the office in Illinois that deals with such records. He said he had gotten this person on the phone to agree to verbally confirm or deny birth times that he proposed. According to this story, when he gave her the 8am and 8pm birth times, the clerk said no, and when he asked her about a 2:18 am birth time, a time that had been offered by an astrologer named Zayin Cohen, she had said nothing.

However, when pressed about this story by a reporter from the Washington Post, Penfield admitted that the conversation never happened. He had tried to get a clerk to “play along” with his ploy but she would not. This revelation shocked Ray Merriman, the current President of the ISAR, and left a lot of astrologers (including this one) deflated.

Muddying the water even further was the fact the Zayin Cohen now says that the 2:18 am birth time published by Astrodatabank misquotes his original (unsubstantiated) data. He now says it should be 2:08 am. However, if you Google Zayin Cohen you get a Facebook page, which he recently shutdown. Scrolling down through his entries, there is one in which Cohen claims to have a faxed copy of HRC’s birth certificate with the time listed as 1:47 am. Have you got a headache yet?

Until recently, I favored the 8pm birth time. However, I lost faith in this chart during her first debate with Donald Trump. Using the 8pm chart, Mars was on her Descendant at that time, squaring her natal Moon. With this aspect I expected her to come out extremely aggressive and belligerent. In fact, Clinton’s performance was cool, authoritative and, at times, even light hearted, strongly contradicting what the 8pm horoscope projected.

Presently, I am toying with the 8am chart. I’m not fond of this horoscope for Clinton because it places her Sun in the 12th House. I’ve looked at all the horoscopes of U.S. presidents for whom we have definite times of birth, and three were born with the Sun in the 12th House: U.S. Grant, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. I would hope that the administration of President Hillary Clinton would be more effective than what happened with these three.

At the same time, I haven’t entirely dismissed the early morning birth times put forth by Cohen and Penfield. Maybe Cohen actually has that faxed copy of HRC’s birth certificate. Maybe one day soon he will produce for all astrologers to see. That would put the whole matter to rest, wouldn’t it? Somehow, I’m not so sure.

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