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Round Three of the Presidential DebatesHillaryvsDonald

I’ve been in London, England for the past week, but it wasn’t like I was out of the loop as far as U.S. politics is concerned. Just about every day I was there, just about every newspaper I saw had a picture of Donald Trump on the front page. The British seems to be enjoying his meltdown as much as many Americans.

However, I don’t think that the anti-Trump crowd should become complacent. Trump’s hard core supporters (a disconcerting 39 per cent, according to some polls) are still solidly behind him, and the fact that his attitude toward sex and women is reprehensible does not disqualify him to be President. That same brush tars several of our presidents, some of them considered great.  I fear that all this discussion about Trump’s sex life has diverted attention from the real reasons he should never be elected, his lack of knowledge, his lack of experience and his thin-skinned, arrogant and self-involved temperament.

The astrology of the next and last debate, on Oct. 19, actually favors Trump. (Click here to see a double chart with Trump’s natal horoscope on the inside and the chart for the debate on the outside.) As I had predicted in an earlier article, (Click here to see the article.) Trump was extremely aggressive in the second debate, threatening to put his opponent in jail and bluffing his way through the scandal over the video that revealed his predatory sexual behavior.  He was in full Mars mode on that night. and he came across as a misogynistic bully to many viewers.

The main transit to his chart during the Oct. 19 debate will be a square to his Mercury by Jupiter. At the same time Neptune will be moving into a trine to his Mercury. We are going to see a more charming and likable Donald Trump in this debate. He is still going to favor bold statements over clear policy proposals, and most of the facts he quotes will be shown to be false by fact-checkers, but that won’t matter to a lot of people.
It should also be noted that the debate is supposed to focus on immigration, among other things, and this is the subject that launched Trump’s campaign and most inflames his base.

The situation in Clinton’s horoscope is much more problematic. (Click here to see a double chart with Clinton’s natal horoscope done for 8AM on the inside and the chart for the debate on the outside.) Saturn has moved into a trine with her natal Pluto and Mars. I’ve written about this aspect before. Technically, it is a “good” aspect but the planets involved all have negative qualities. This aspect will bring Clinton’s toughness to the fore, but the line between toughness and ruthlessness is a fine one, and Clinton could alienate voter by appearing devious and driven by a lust for power.

The fact that transiting Mars is quincunx her Mars on the night of the debate will exacerbate this tendency. Also, on that night transiting Mars will be conjunct transiting Pluto. For Clinton this is going to be a Pluto night, all around. Much depends on how Clinton handles this Pluto energy. If she handles it well, she could come across and strong, focused and resilient. If not, Trump might be able to pull off a big surprise and make this election more about her character flaws than his.

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