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Round Two of the Presidential Debates

On Oct. 9 Clinton and Trump square off again in the second of three debates. In the last debate, as I predicted, Donald Trump went off script and got tangled in a swamp of his own half-baked ideas. Meanwhile, my faith in the 8pm chart for Clinton was shaken when she failed to display the all out aggression I had seen coming out of the aspects to that chart. Clinton came out the winner, but Trump scored a few points when he talked about the economy. So, what’s next?

Trump will come into the Oct. 9 debate with several strong aspects. The strongest is a conjunction to his natal Jupiter by the Sun. This tells me he will be feeling confident, and considering the fact that he never seems anything but, that’s saying a lot. He’s going to remain convinced, despite all the polls that say otherwise, that he won the last the debate, and he’s going to be ready to open up that same can of “whop ass” on his opponent.

Unfortunately, at the same time that Trump is going to be feeling so confident, transiting Mercury is going to be joining transiting Jupiter in a conjunction to his natal Neptune. The Jupiter conjunction, which has been going on for the past week, is the reason he wasted the post-debate period attacking a past Ms. Universe candidate instead of talking about issues. This aspect strongly indicates that he is going to let himself be once again diverted into some pointless response to an imagined insult.

And that’s not all. Transiting Mars is going to be opposite his natal Mercury. His speech is going to be blunt and extremely aggressive. If you liked the way he interrupted Clinton first debate, you’re going to love this one. However, since this debate is going to be in a town hall setting with the candidates taking questions from the audience, with this aspect Trump is like to come across as irritable and belligerent.

Since we still don’t have a reliable chart for Clinton,(I'm still considering the 2:18 AM birth time put forth by Marc Penrose and ISAR) there’s only so much I can say. Transiting Venus will be conjunct her natal Mercury, so she will come into the debate relaxed and ready to put forth a positive message. This could mean that she will not be prepared for Trump’s aggression, particularly early in the debate. However, my guess is that, battled hardened Scorpio that she is, Clinton will quickly recover from whatever surprise attack he launches.

The bothersome aspect for Clinton is the movement of transiting Venus toward a square to her natal Saturn. She is likely to come across as cold and emotionally distant during this period. Again, in a town hall setting, this is not good. Clinton is going to be called upon to empathize and try and connect with the audience in an emotional way and, though she will certainly try, she is not going to appear genuine.

Essentially, both candidates are coming into this debate with severe astrological handicaps. My guess is that the question won’t be who won this debate, but who lost it in the most emphatic way. What are we going to see more of, Trump’s arrogance or Clinton’s aloofness? Given Trump’s proven tendency to lash out (natal Mars on his Ascendant) I think it’s likely to be the former.

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