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New Article in Dell Horoscope

In the November issue of Dell Horoscope you will find an article by me titled “Political Animals: Why Do People Run for Office.”  In the article I look at horoscopes of people who have been, or are deeply involved in U.S. politics, and explore the astrological factors that drive them to join one of the most despised groups of people in our country: politicians.

Though it is not the main thrust of the article, I also point out how odd it is that we Americans hate politician so much when such beasts are an inevitable produce of the democracy of which we are so proud. Democracy demands the participation of the people, and politicians are individuals who've made the decision to become active participants. Without them, our democratic institutions would fall apart.

I think one reason we hate politician so much is because they are continually reminding us of our duty to participate in democracy. They call upon us to choose, to vote, to make decisions. Most of us already have plenty of choices and decisions to make. The fact that this person is asking us to make another one is, at the very least, an irritation.

Another reason we don’t like politician is that they very seldom give us exactly what we want. We send people to Washington, or the state house or the mayor’s office thinking that they are going to do certain things. Unfortunately, when these people get there they often find other politicians voted in by constituents who want something very different. Compromises have to be made. It is said the politics is the art of the possible. For many of us, the possible is just not good enough.

The aspects that are prominent in the charts of politicians are aspects that produce a strong concern for larger issue and public affairs. That concern can take a lot of different forms, from liberal to conservative and everything in between, but it is something that goes beyond the personal. A politician may become corrupt, dishonest and lazy, but that’s not an expression of the aspects that made them politicians. That’s just them being human.

Finally, we have the people running for office who say that they are not politicians. By my definition, if you are running for office because you feel that you have something to contribute to the big issues and concerns of our society, that makes you a politician. If you are running for office for purely personal reasons, to make money or aggrandized you ego, that makes you something other than a politician. I would call it dangerous.

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