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Rick Perry and the Perils of PredictionRickPerryImage

In Sept. of last year, when Rick Perry dropped out of the Republican primaries, I expressed some regret. This was mostly because he was one of the few candidates for whom we had a complete horoscope. Also, when I looked at the aspects coming up in Perry’ chart in 2016, they all indicated some sort of turning point or triumph.

At the time I was thinking that Perry might pop up again in the political scene, maybe as a possible running mate. Of course, that didn’t happen and, like most people, I sort of forgot about Rick and focused on the Republican apocalypse represented by Donald Trump. It was only a couple of days ago that I realized that the former governor of Texas had been appearing on “Dancing with the Stars”. By that time he had been voted off, but apparently ol’ Rick had a good run.

So, how does one go from being the popular governor of the second largest state in the union and a possible nominee for president to a cheesy TV talent show? That’s one of the perils of prediction.

Perry is a Pisces by Sun sign, and one of his selling points as a political candidate was his goofy Pisces charm. (Of course, it was also one of his failings.) Pisces people follow their feelings, and they are easily diverted. This makes predicting the movements of a Pisces person perilous. As soon as you think you can put them in one box, they pop out of another. When I wrote about Perry in 2015, I was thinking of him as a politician. Who knew he would become a dancer?

Maybe I should have foreseen that Rick Perry would opt for show business after his political career fell apart. After all, Pisces people love glamor, and he has a loaded Fifth House. (Click on Rick Perry to see his chart.) Or maybe this isn’t as much of a diversion as it seems. Maybe Perry is trying to follow the pattern established by Donald Trump, who went from reality TV star to presidential candidate.

One of the aspects I was looking at last year was transiting Saturn crossing Perry’s natal Descendant. This happens in November and is part of one of the crucial Saturn Cycles. This aspect typically brings a decisive change in a person’s circumstances. So, don’t be surprised if you see more of Rick Perry on television. Maybe he’ll even get his own reality show, a like a show where death row inmates try and get him to give them clemency and he gets to say . . . well you get the picture.