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Debate RehashHillaryvsDonald

Of course, everyone is talking about last night’s presidential debate, theorizing about who won and who lost. I’m more concerned with how the two candidates manifested the aspects that were impacting their horoscopes that night.

Since we don’t have reliable time of birth for Hillary Clinton, I used a chart done for 8PM, one of the two birth times that have been given out by her staff. (The other is 8AM.) In the 8pm chart, Mars was conjunct her Descendant and square her natal Moon, a pretty explosive aspect. Even though Clinton was certainly dynamic in the debate, and ready to pounce, I really didn’t see the kind of anger I would associate with those aspects. This leads me to think that maybe the 8PM time is not correct.

It just so happens that I got a tweet a few days ago that claimed that an astrologer named Marc Penrose has obtained a copy of Clinton’s birth certificate with her birth time. According to the tweet, the time will be revealed during the ISAR conference between Oct 13 and 17. I have to admit that I’m a little miffed at the ISAR for not being more forthcoming with this crucial information, but since I now have doubts about 8PM chart, I will patiently wait for their big reveal.

Fortunately, we do have a complete horoscope for Donald Trump. What was going on in that chart last night was a conjunction by the Sun to his natal Neptune and a square by Mercury to his natal Uranus. I had predicted that Trump would have trouble sticking with his script and maintaining his composure.  In this regard, Trump did not disappoint. He frequently allowed himself to be goaded into making remarks that were either patently untrue, or politically dangerous.

Of course, Trump has been making these kinds of gaffs throughout his campaign, and yet he still holds onto 40 per cents of electorate (according to polls). It should be apparent by now that these people don’t really care about Trump’s mendacity or his thin-skinned temperament. They just want someone who will make them feel safer and more hopeful about the future.

Most observers seem to think that Clinton won the debate, but most are unsure of what that will mean to the election. I think that the most important period of time for the Trump campaign is just beginning.  Jupiter is nearing a conjunction with his natal Neptune, an aspect that will likely spur him to make even bolder and more farfetched pronouncements. It could be that, coming into the next debate (on Oct 9) Clinton will have a whole new set issues with which she can goad Trump.

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