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Round One of the Presidential Debates

Presidential debates are generally boring affairs. A moderator asks questions that both candidates fully expect, and they answer with excerpts from their stump speech. Yawn. More important, with just a few exceptions, debates have never had a big influence on an election. However, the one coming up on Monday could be different.

This is partly because of the two candidates. We basically have two people running for president that around half the people in the country don’t like. A lot of people will be watching just to see if Clinton sneezes, thus revealing that secret health crisis that she’s been hiding. Others will be on the edge of their seats waiting for Trump’s latest inanity. The polls show that the election is still close, so a slip up by either candidate could be important.

But what makes me interested in Monday’s debate is what’s going on in the horoscopes of Clinton and Trump. Both have significant transits that night which could lead them to go off their script and create some fireworks.

I’m using the 8 PM birth time for Clinton’s chart. (Click on Clinton-Debate to see that chart with the positions for Sept. 26 on the outside.) As the debate starts, Mars will be almost directly on her Descendant.  It is also square her natal Moon in the 10th House.

Assuming this is the correct chart (we don’t know for sure because she’s given out different birth times) then she will be entering the debate is an extremely aggressive frame of mind. She’s going to feel that she’s under fire and, for a Scorpio, the best defensive is an devastating, take-no-prisoners offense.  She will be direct, forceful and quick to anger. This will probably quiet the suspicions about her health, but it could also get her talking about the “deplorables” again.

Trump’s transits are equally dangerous. (Click on Trump-Debate to see his chart with the chart for Sept. 26 on the outside.) The Sun will be nearing a conjunction with his natal Neptune, while transiting Mercury will be square his Uranus.

For a guy who’s already being criticized for his vague pronouncements (“I’m hearing . . .” “I have a plan but it’s a secret.”) going into a debate with a Neptune transit is not good. Any attempt to clarify his positions is only going to lead him into murkier waters. Meanwhile, the square between Mercury and his Uranus is a classic indicator of “going off script.” And when Trump goes off script, the weirdest and wildest things get said.

Just to make things more interesting. The transiting Sun will be just leaving a conjunction with transiting Jupiter when the debate starts. This tells us that there will be a general mood of exuberance and optimism at that time, but it also an aspect for over-confidence and going too far.

All this adds up to a debate in which there might actually be some surprises. I’m looking forward to it.

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