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Rami Malek Wins an Emmy

You have to feel sorry for the people running the Emmys. Considering the giant sprawl that is television right now, with all the different networks and the proliferation downloadable programming, trying to break it all down into easy to read categories must have been a nightmare. Another problem is that so much of the programming is good. Singling out certain programs or actors as “winners” seems almost pointless.

But, of course, they did it anyway, and on Sunday night Rami Malek, star of Mr. Robot, won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Malek is a Taurus, born May 12, 1981. (Click on Rami Malek to see a chart done for noon on that day.) Astrologically, he had plenty of things going for him that night. Transiting Jupiter was about halfway between his natal Jupiter and natal Saturn and trine his natal Venus. Jupiter brings bounty, and for Malek that bounty came in the form of a golden statue.

One thing that interests me about Malek’s partial horoscope is the fact that the Sun forms a quincunx aspect to his Pluto. Quincunx aspects indicate strangeness. They bring conflicts and challenges that seem to come out of nowhere, or from unexpected places. Pluto is all about the murky, psychological depths of our nature. Pluto blocks, inhibits and loves secrets.

In Mr. Robot Malek plays Elliot, an anti-social loner with issues. Often he seems as lost in the twists and turns of the conspiracy-within-conspiracy plot as the viewer, with whom he carries on a constant conversation. He not only lies to his shrink on the program, he lies to himself, and to the viewer. His perceptions of the world are not to be trusted, and entire episodes turn out to be the products of Elliot’s deluded mind.

All of this fits very nicely into the parameters of a Sun quincunx Pluto aspect. We have the secrecy of Pluto, along with its desire for power (Elliot is a hacker who brings down the biggest corporation in the world), and we have the oddness of the quincunx. Malek ended his acceptance speech with a shout out to all the lonely, alienated “Elliots” of the world, indicating that, even though this might just be a character he plays of TV, the actor understanding what it’s like to live Pluto quincunx the Sun.

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