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So, What Can Astrology Dosigns image?

During the past few weeks I’ve written articles pointing out the perils of prediction with astrology, and the fallacy of expecting astrology to give us “control” over all the indefinites in our lives. (Click here and here to see the two articles.) Some people might wonder what it is that astrology can do. The fact is that, even with these limitations, it can do plenty.

The first thing that astrology does well is “when”. Even when the nature of an event or change seems obscure, transiting aspect and progressions are very good at telling us when the change is coming. Sometimes the accuracy with which an aspect can time an event is amazing, particularly with transits. Other times, the timing might be off by one or two degrees. Of course, most important events in our lives don’t happen instantaneously, but involve a process, so even when the aspect doesn’t coincide with the culmination of the event, its influence can often be seen somewhere during the process.

The next thing that astrology can do for us is show us the “quality” of a period of time. The basic premise that underlies astrology is that every moment in time has a different quality, and that the positions of the planets allow the astrologer to make judgments about these differ qualities. When you are entering a week, or month, or year when the nature of a particular planet is going to dominate what happen in your life, knowing the quality of that planet is crucial.

A Saturn period of time is not like a Uranus period of time, which is very different from a Neptune period and can’t be compared to a Pluto period. Aspects involving these transiting planets can cover weeks, months, and, in the case of Neptune and Pluto, years. And then we have the aspects from the faster moving bodies, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Moon, adding their influence to the quality of a hour, a day or several days.

There are occasions in which an astrologer can look at the timing of a transiting aspect or progression, consider the nature of the bodies involved and the quality that is likely to pervade that period of time, and make startling predictions about what is going to happen. I think most astrologers have had this sort of experience. However, even if all we know are timing and the quality of that period of time, that’s still a lot. That still allows us to help people prepare for the future, even if they don’t know exactly what it will bring them.

To my mind the most important sevice astrology offers comes after an event has occurred. Looking at the aspects that were dominant when an event occurred can help us understand the lesson that event held for us. It allows us to place that event, and the lesson, in the story of our life. This might not be as exciting as predicting the event in advance, but I think it much more worthwhile.

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