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Hillary Has Pneumonia

For a while now I have been predicting that Hillary Clinton is going to have a rough month in October, when Saturn forms a trine to her natal Mars and Pluto. We seem to be getting a foretaste of that right now. Mars has just moved into a trine with Clinton’s natal Saturn and she has been forced to take stop campaigning for a while because of illness.

Trine aspects are generally considered good omens, but when you have a malefic planet (Mars) trining another malefic (Saturn) whatever benefit the aspect might afford comes with at us with a lot of troubles. Clinton’s current illness is not likely to have a big impact on her campaign. The Mars is moving fast and the aspect will pass in a couple of days. In fact, she may come out of it stronger and more determined than ever. But she’s probably not having much fun right now.

One interesting feature of this aspect is that, in the horoscope for Clinton charted for 8PM, transiting Mars is in her Sixth house. The Sixth house rules health concerns. As I’ve pointed out before, Clinton has given out both 8PM and 8AM as her time of birth. This result of this aspect would seem to support the 8PM chart. (Click here to see the 8PM chart.)

So what does this tell us about the next big aspect coming up in her chart, the trine to her natal Mars and Pluto by Saturn? This aspect will be within a degree from around Oct. 20 until after Election Day. Again we have a malefic planet (Saturn)in a positive aspect with two other malefic planets (Mars and Pluto.) My earlier estimation was that the aspect with accent Clinton's toughness. However, if we use the PM chart, transiting Saturn is also in the Sixth House. This would indicate a more another health crisis, only this time of longer duration.

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