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Ryan Lochte and the Mercury to Uranus SquareLochteImage

Now that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been suspended for ten months by the U.S. Olympic Committee, it might be time to look back at the events that have put such a crimp in his outstanding athletic career and in his lucrative endorsement deals. We don’t have a time of birth for Lochte, but you can click on Ryan Lochte to see a chart done for noon on his birthday.

On Aug. 14, Lochte claimed that he and other members of the U.S. swim team were robbed at gunpoint. Of course, further investigation revealed that Lochte and his friends had vandalized a gas station bathroom and the men who were supposedly holding them up were security guards. Lochte later apologized and admitted that he had “over-exaggerated” in his story.

In Lochte natal horoscope Mercury is square Uranus. This explains the rather unique way he has of expressing himself. The aspect also describes a tendency toward erratic thinking and thoughtless remarks. In general, I would say that this tendency would be countered by the fact that Lochte’s Mercury is in sensible Virgo, but on the morning of the so called “robbery” Saturn had moved into a conjunction with natal Uranus, activating this natal square and adding a tendency to rebel against authority.

It appears that Lochte and his buddies were driving back to the Olympic Village after attending a party. Lochte admitted that he was intoxicated. They stopped at a gas station and did what drunken young men often do. They acted like fools. The problem was that, as Olympic athletes, these young men were representing the United States. Another problem is the fact the Lochte is 32 years-old, well past the age when “too young to know better” should apply.

Interestingly, the really hard aspect of that period, a square by the Sun to Lochte’s natal Mars, did not become exact until a couple of days later. That’s when the real story about what happened to Lochte and his friends came out. Fortunately for Lochte, by this time he was on his way out of Brazil.

Another interesting development is the fact that, currently, Jupiter is square Lochte’s Neptune. Jupiter can be seen as representing authority. Though it is generally thought of as benevolent authority, the fact that the aspect is a square put a little sting in this function. One of the things associated with Neptune (named for the sea god) is water. The Olympic Committee’s ban is going to keep Lochte out of the water, at least in his capacity of a competitor, for a long time.

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