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Colin Kaepernick and the Protesting ScorpioKaepernickImage

We American love our sports, and we get downright offended with our games are interrupted by politics. This probably even more true right now, when we’re surrounded by a circus of a presidential campaign. So, when 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem to protest the killings of black men by police officers, it made a lot of people very angry.

Kaepernick has continued his protests despite the outrage expressed by many football fans. This doesn’t surprise me. Kaepernick is a Scorpio by Sun sign, and the Sun is conjunct Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) in his chart. (Click on Colin Kaepernick to see a horoscope done for noon on his birthday.) Scorpio’s don’t back down, and this goes double for a Scorpio with the Sun conjunct Pluto.

Arguments could be made that there are better ways for Kaepernick to demonstrate his displeasure with racial injustice in the U.S. than this public show of disrespect. Those kinds of arguments have little impact on Scorpios. Scorpio doesn’t believe in measured responses, or political correctness. An angry Scorpio goes straight for the jugular, for the gesture that will express his or her anger in the most dramatic way.

It could also be argued that Kaepernick has put his career in jeopardy. He had a couple of great seasons back in 2012 and 2013, but since then he has struggled. Wouldn’t it have been wiser for him to remain quiet until he had reestablished his position as first string quarterback for the 49ers? Again, that’s not the way Scorpio does things. Practical concerns are forgotten when Scorpio’s emotions are stirred.  They’d rather go down fighting than stifle their righteous anger.

I expect that Kaepernick will continue his protests until he, the fans and the NFL reach a breaking point. Right now Pluto is moving back and forth in a square aspect to his natal Mars, an aspect that will only deepen his determination. Meanwhile, Saturn is approaching its landmark conjunction with his natal Saturn, part of one the all-important Saturn Cycles. This means that he is making decisions now that will set the course for the rest of his life.

It’s hard to tell without a complete horoscope, but I don’t expect these decisions to go well for Kaepernick, at least not in the short term. Though the square by Pluto to his Mars is certainly sparking his outrage, it is also likely to block his athletic accomplishments. This is not is not going to be a standout season for Kaepernick, and a player who is not winning games tends to get pushed aside and forgotten, no matter how justified his protests might be.

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