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Anthony Weiner and the Time-Released Saturn Transit

One of the things you can be certain of when Saturn is making an important transit in your horoscope is that you are going to be given some sort of test, that you are going to be called upon to make a decision or exert your will, your self-discipline and your talents in some significant way. It’s a time to be careful and, most of all, to avoid doing something stupid.

In January, 2015 Anthony Weiner, the former congressman who lost his seat and became a national joke after he got caught sending pictures of his privates to women via the internet, decided to once again start one of these cyber flirtations. I have no idea what Weiner’s intentions were when he started this relationship, but at some point he fell into his old habit of sending pictures of his over-stuffed underwear. In one of those pictures his son can be seen sleeping in the background.

 What was happening in Weiner’s horoscope in Jan. 2015? Saturn was square his natal Saturn, an important point, a testing point, in one of the Saturn Cycles. The correspondence Weiner began at this time was not just a casual flirtation. It was a test of his character, a test of whether or not he had learned something after his tremendous fall from grace in 2011.

Weiner failed that test, but Saturn withheld the grades until just recently, when the woman (who turns out to be a Trump supporter) released details of their exchanges to the press. Right now transiting Saturn is square Wiener’s natal Uranus, activating the triple conjunction in his natal chart of Uranus, the Sun and Pluto. Transiting Mars is also a factor. It is square Weiner’s natal Sun today. (Since we do not have a birth time, click on Anthony Weiner to see a horoscope done for Noon.)

 Saturn will be square to the three planets in this conjunction for the next couple of months, so we can assume that Weiner’s problems are only going to get worse. His wife, who had stood by him during the first scandal, has already announced that she is leaving him. Meanwhile, since Weiner’s spouse works for Hillary Clinton, Republican’s have been busy trying to spread some of this sleaze onto the Clinton campaign.

I think that the pressure on Weiner is going to become particularly intense in October, when Saturn moves into an exact square to his Sun and Pluto. The conjunction of the Sun and Pluto is his natal chart is likely the source of the self-destructive tendencies that are so evident in his behavior. Without a time of birth it is impossible to say more about these issues, but with Saturn acerbating this aspect he is going to feel the full weight of his past actions.

As I have said before, transiting aspects to our natal charts do not signal event. They bring us lessons. When Weiner started texting his woman friend in January, 2015, that probably didn’t seem like a major event, but it was a major lesson. The events came later, and with them a new and more challenging lesson. Weiner had better sharpen his study skills fast, because these lessons are only going to get harder.

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