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Where’s Donald?

I’m sure there are people who are right now searching Donald Trump’s bedroom, looking for the pod. (For younger people who might not get that reference, here’s a link to the source.) I had predicted a couple of weeks ago that when Jupiter separated from it square aspect to Trump’s Sun his behavior would become more moderate, (click here to see that article) but I’m still surprised at just how “low energy” the new Trump has become.

Trump has started reading his speeches from a teleprompter, and it has been almost two weeks since the lead news item has been an inflammatory tweet from the candidate. More importantly, and totally out of character, Trump has apologizes (sort of) for some of the things he said in the past, and he is actually studying up on political stuff in preparation for the debates.

Part of the reason for this change, (beyond the influence of Jupiter) is the shakeup in his campaign staff, but the people he brought onboard, Steve Bannon (the head of the ultra-right wing Breitbart News) and Kellyanne Conway (who’s on record as saying that she wanted to see Donald Trump continue to be Donald Trump) don’t seem to be the sort who would signal such a change. Obviously, other factors are at work.

This is a quiet period as far as Trump’s transits are concerned. Saturn and Mars are quincunx his natal Mercury. This may explain why he’s feeling constrained at the moment, but the quincunx is not a strong aspect and both these transits will be out of a one degree range in a couple of days.

Does this mean that we’ll be seeing the “old” Trump reemerging? I’m not so sure. Trump is a Gemini by Sun sign, and Geminis are adaptable. They adjust their approach to suit prevailing conditions. Obviously, Trump’s old approach wasn’t working. His poll numbers are dropping. So, being a good Gemini, he’s trying something else.

Of course, this is bad news for those of us who enjoy starting each day muttering expletives because of some crazy thing Donald Trump has said, but there’s still hope. In October Jupiter is moving into a conjunction with Trump’s natal Neptune, and a square to his natal Mercury.  The square between Mercury and Neptune in Trump’s natal chart is the aspect mostly responsible for his make-it-up-as-you-go style of speaking. This transit will exacerbate that tendency.

What makes the situation more interesting is that Trump’s secondary progressed Mars is currently in a square aspect to his natal Mercury. This is why his speech during the primary and earlier in the campaign was so aggressive.  When transiting Jupiter aligns with this aspect, I think we’re going to see a reemergence of those fireworks.

What does this mean for the election? Well, remember it was the aggressiveness Trump’s speech, and his willingness to just make stuff up, that won him the nomination. A return of that Donald Trump will only further excite his followers. Meanwhile, (as I've pointed out in previous articles) Hillary Clinton is also going to have her own troubles in October. So don’t cancel your trip to Canada just yet.

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