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The Astrology of Control

I started studying astrology when I was a teenager, and I have to admit that what spurred my interest in astrology at that time was the prospect of getting control of what I saw as the chaos of my life.  However, what I discovered after a few years of study was that astrology didn’t give me control. Each planet, each sign and each aspect can manifest itself in a multitude of ways. Just when you think you’ve got a certain configuration in your horoscope under control, circumstances change and you find yourself back to square one.

I’m sure that I am not alone in this experience of astrology. And, like a lot of astrologers, I continued to search for control. In fact, the search for control has always been an important factor in astrology throughout its history.  It has inspired scores of new astrological systems and techniques, many of which use computers and statistics to support research and verify results.

I’m not saying that this kind of research is pointless. Actually, I find it fascinating. And, to the extent that it can prove the validity of astrology to the non-astrological world, it has my whole-hearted support. I’ve done these sorts of studies myself. I even spent time boning up on my statistics so I could compute standard deviations. However, I think that astrologers have to be wary of this search for control. Instead of leading us closer to the heart of astrology, it could be leading us in the opposite direction.

Several weeks ago I wrote an article on the perils of prediction. (Click here to see the article.) In that article I stated that transiting and progressed aspects do not predict events. They predict lessons. I also wrote that the lessons that I need to learn in this life are not going be the lessons that you need to learn, even if we share a particular configuration in our horoscopes. Research and statistics can help predict, in a general way, the kind of lessons we might expect, but each lesson will be specific to your life. There is always going to be a point beyond which no astrologer can help you.

For example, a lot of research in astrology is directed toward identifying configurations in horoscopes that promise success, and the periods of time when a person will best be able to achieve that success. But what if success is not the lessons you are meant to learn during this period? What if the real lesson is about humility, sacrifice and selflessness? More importantly, what if the standards that we typically use to measure success, like wealth, fame and power, are all wrong?

At the heart of astrology is a mystery, the mystery of human consciousness and how that consciousness reflects or is connected to a great consciousness (however you might wish to define it. ) The puny means of control afforded us by our rational minds, our computers and our mathematics are never going to make more than the slightest impact on this mystery. This is something that every astrologer, particularly those involved in research, has to keep in mind. Keep up the good work, but never forget the mystery.

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