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Donald Trump and the Two Sides of Jupitertrumpimage

A month ago I predicted that the first two weeks of August would be positive for Donald Trump. (Click here to see the article.) I based that prediction on the fact that Jupiter was going to be square his natal Sun and sextile his natal Saturn. In one sense, my prediction has come true. Back in July, Trump was facing a funding crisis in his campaign. Around the first of August it was announced that he had received 80 million dollars in donations, giving the campaign a firm financial footing going into the election (just as I had predicted.)

Of course, by this time Hillary Clinton’s campaign was benefiting from a post-convention bounce, while Trump was reeling from his battle of words with the Khan family. Polls showed him losing ground. During this period Trump was actually quiet for a few days, and then he gave a speech describing his economy plan in which actually read from a monitor and ignored hecklers. Republican supporters of Trump were marking these “good” days on their calendar and praying for more.

But there are two sides to Jupiter. One provides bounty, like 80 million dollars in donations. The other leads to over-confidence. It was this side that Trump was apparently feeling yesterday when he made his now infamous comment about supporters of the 2nd Amendment (and opponents of gun control) knowing how to “take care” of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s people have been quick to explain that what Trump was talking about was votes not gun, but considering the context in which the comment was made, that’s hard to believe. It is more likely that Trump intended this remark to be a joke, but you don’t joke about shooting a presidential candidate, unless, of course, you have Jupiter squaring your Sun.

Previous to this month it seemed that the more bombastic, self-aggrandizing and half crazy Donald Trump sounded, the more the public loved him. It was on that assumption that I based my prediction that his campaign would surge when Jupiter squared his Sun. Since over-confidence had gained Trump the nomination, I saw no reason for this trend to change.

But there has been a change. The public seems to weighing Trump’s statements on a different scale now. It’s no longer just about being entertaining, it about being presidential. I think that it may have something to do with Saturn turning direct in a couple of days. Hopefully, a forward moving Saturn will signal and return to sanity among the electorate.

By no means does this mean that the election has been decided. I still think that Hillary Clinton will have a rough time in October, and this could give Trump a chance to close the gap that she is now building in the polls. Also, now that Jupiter is separating from it square to Trump’s Sun, his tone is likely to change, and he may actually start reading from the teleprompter again.