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The Sibley ChartSibleyImage

Most astrologers look at July 4, 1774 and the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the “birthday” of the United States of America. However, historians cannot cite a particular time, or even day, when this document was signed. It is possible that it was signed on July 4th, at least by some of the delegates, but some experts maintain that the actually signing occurred as late as August, 1774.

This controversy has resulted in several horoscopes for the United States, but the one that seems to be most commonly accepted in the “Sibley” chart, which was charted by Ebenezer Sibley, a British astrologer, not long after news of the Declaration reached Europe. He uses a time of around 5 PM. (Different astrologers have rectified Sibley’s chart over to the years to various times close to 5 PM.) The chart used most often was done for 5:10 PM local time in Philadelphia, PA. (Click on Sibley Chart to see the horoscope.)

I’ve always been suspicious of the Sibley chart, mainly because he was not present at the signing and apparently took the time from reports that were probably no more than hearsay. However, when you match this chart against cataclysmic events that have occurred in the history of the United States, the results are striking.

First of all, let’s take the British invasion during the War of 1812 and the burning of the White House by British troops. On this day, along with a few other adverse aspects, transiting Pluto was square the Sibley U.S. Mars. Given the destructive potential of both Mars and Uranus, this certainly rings true. At the same time Pluto was square the U.S. Neptune, which is associated with music. The Star Spangled Banner was composed just a few days after the burning of the White House.

If we move forward to the beginning of the Civil War, we find that on the date that Fort Sumter was attacked Uranus had returned to its natal spot on the Sibley horoscope. In other words, the revolution that had created the United States was having its only revolutionary upheaval. Also, Neptune was conjunct the I.C., the cusp of the Fourth House of home in the Sibley Chart, representing a confusion of values within the home.

Then we look at the Dec. 7, 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor. Uranus was square the Sibley U.S. Moon, while Saturn opposed its natal Mars. These aspects aptly describe a surprise attack. At the same time Neptune had move into a conjunction with the Sibley U.S. Midheaven. Previous to the attack the country had been in an isolationist dream state. The attack woke us up.

Finally, I looked at Sept. 11, 2001. On this date Pluto was conjunct the Sibley U.S. Ascendant, while Saturn was nearing the Sibley U.S. Descendent.. These are transformative aspects, aspects the push an entity into a new phase of life.

All this brings me to the transits for the Sibley chart on Nov. 8, 2016, Election Day. Saturn crossed the Sibley U.S. Ascendant in January, when Trump’s candidacy was still considered a surprise, and in June when he clinched the nomination. It will cross it again in October, but by November, Saturn will be moving beyond that degree and trine the Sibley U.S. natal Saturn. At the same time Uranus will be sextile the Sibley U.S. Mars and Mercury will trine the Sibley U.S. Mercury.

Does this mean that our democracy will pass the test throw at it by transiting Saturn? Possible, but events in October will tell the tale. As for the Sibley chart, I have to admit I realize now why so many astrologers use it. And if it predicts that we might be about the dodge the Trump bullet heading for our collective brains, I’m definitely a convert.