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August Aspects

Two major aspects will dominate the sky for most of August. First of all the square between Saturn and Neptune, which is currently separating as Saturn moves retrograde (or backward relative to the Earth) but will begin to close again when Saturn turns direct on August 13. Even though this aspect has been separated by more than one degree for a while now, we are still under its influence. The continued violence in this country and particularly abroad is evidence of this.

Several times I have written that Saturn square Neptune has brought about a collision of compassion for people less fortunate with issues of practicality and safety. It wasn't all that long ago that the refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn nations were being looked at by the media and by many people with compassion. Now, all we seem to see are potential terrorists.

Likewise, when the “Black Lives Matter” movement started a few years ago it seemed to be having a positive effect. Even conservatives were talking about improving police training, fitting officers with body cameras and lowering the incarceration rate for African-American men. More recently, however, people have been reacting more to the attacks on police officers by deranged African-Americans. At the Republican Convention “Black Lives Matter” seemed to be put in the same category as ISIS.

After Saturn turns direct, it will complete the square to Neptune one last time in the second week of September. I’m hoping that this next phase of the aspect will bring about a more balanced and sensible approach to these problems. Instead of a litany shooting, bombing and death we could begin to hear people (in particular presidential candidates) talk about way to deal with this violence in a ways that doesn’t involve locking people up or building walls.

The other aspect is a quincunx between Jupiter and Uranus. This aspect will be in force during the middle two weeks of August. This is an aspect for taking chances and for seeking novel ideas and experiences. An what more novel idea could there be than for people in our deeply divided country to stop shouting at each other and start having a real dialogue about solving our problems. Of course, by suggesting such a thing could happen I am taking a substantial risk for disappointment, but that's what Jupiter and Uranus are all about.