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Hillary Clinton Going Into the ConventionClintonHImage2

I have to admit that Donald Trump’s performance at the GOP convention fell short of my expectations, and what I had predicted. (Click here to see that article.) He did start off with a Venus moment, (introducing his wife, Melania) but I had expected more Mars in his in speech and actions. In my defense, Trump has set the bar for aggressiveness and self-aggrandizement so high that anything short of setting his hair on fire seems like normal.

The aspects for Hillary Clinton going into the Democratic National Convention are not so combative. (Click here to see a double chart with a chart done for 8PM for Hillary Clinton on the inside and one for the first day of the convention on the outside.) Mostly they involve the square between Mercury and Saturn in her natal chart. This is an aspect that produces a highly organized mind and a practical, hands-on approach to solving problems. However, the aspect can lead to inflexible opinions and grievous errors in judgment. (Bill Clinton has a similar aspect in his chart.)

On the first day of the convention transiting Mercury will be conjunct Clinton’s Saturn and square her natal Mercury. My guess is that she will be dealing with emails recently hacked and released by Wikileaks that show staffers in the Democratic National Committee plotting against Bernie Sanders. These emails are sure to drive a wedge between Clinton and the young Bernie supporters that she desperately needs to win the election.

I expect Clinton to come down hard on the people involved and do everything she can to disassociate her campaign from them. The scandal might also force her to make even more concessions to the liberal wing of the party with regard to the platform. Another thing that could (hopefully) come out of this affair is a genuine movement to reform the primary process the Democratic Party uses, making it more equitable and more responsive to the will of voters.

Mercury is moving fast right now, so the influence of this aspect will be spent after the first day of the convention. The aspect that will prevail throughout the convention is the sextile to Clinton’s natal Mercury by transiting Jupiter. At the same time, Jupiter semi-sextiles her natal Saturn.  The benevolent influence of Jupiter makes me think that she will be able to survive this new email scandal fairly well. It is also a good aspect for speechifying and creating general good will. But whether this good will persist after Jupiter moves on in the first week of August, remains to be seen.