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Following the Moon: Aug. 22, 2021

I had predicted that the New Moon for Aug. 8 would bring us shocking events or a surprising death. In a way, we got both with the sudden demise of the US backed, secular government of Afghanistan. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) I also said that, because of the placement of the Sun and Moon in the chart done for Washington D.C. this event would not directly impact the US. (Click here to see what the New Moon chart for Kabul was like.)

This New Moon chart also promised that the resurgence of the pandemic would continue to grow. That has certainly happened with hospitals in many states reporting an overflow of desperate patients. I noted that it would be an emotional lunation and the images of those sick people and the frantic crowds in Afghanistan chasing after planes have certainly pulled at our collective heart strings.

Following the Moon in KabulAfghan Flag 1

When I do my analysis of the Full and New Moon charts I set the chart for Washington D.C. The idea is that a chart for a nation’s capital will reflect changes that will impact that nations during the two week period after the lunation. When I did the chart for the New Moon on Aug. 8, I predicted that there would be dramatic changes but that the position of the Sun and Moon in the chart set for Washington indicated that it would not have a drastic effect on the United States.

Of course, we have seen some drastic changes during the past two weeks and, though the United States was very much involved in the events, the country itself was not particularly bothered. Those changes were taking place in Afghanistan where the withdrawal of US troops opened the way for the Taliban to take over the country. That take over, which US intelligence thought would take at least 30 days, has happened in a little over one week.

This is obviously a great tragedy for freedom in Afghanistan. It is fearful to think about what life is going to be like in that country, particularly for women and the generation that has grown up under the US occupation. I don’t want to, in anyway, make light of that. Still, I couldn’t help thinking about what the New Moon chart for Aug. 8 would look like if I set it for Kabul. (Click on Kabul New Moon to see the horoscope.)

Rand Paul’s Saturn Return

Somebody needs to bake Rand Paul a cake. I know. It’s not his birthday but this is the year that the junior Senator from Kentucky is having his second Saturn Return and if there’s any time in our lives when we could use a thick slice of sweet, chocolatey goodness it’s during our second Saturn Return. (Click on Rand Paul to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

First Saturn Returns happen when we’re somewhere between 28 and 30 years old. They typically represent the point in our lives when we fully take on the role of “adult.” That can take many forms, like assuming more responsibility at work, getting married, buying a house or having a child. Each of us has our own definition of what it means to be a “grown-up” and the first Saturn Return is the time when we either get the opportunity to take that big step or it is forced upon us.

Second Saturn Returns are different. They occur during middle age when, typically, the course of our lives has already been established and we are burdened with commitments and obligations. During the second Saturn Return we have to reevaluate those commitments and the choices behind them. This can lead to what’s called a “midlife crisis” in which we either repudiate those choices or become obsessed with proving them correct.

Ron DeSantis: Tangled Up in PlutoDeSantisImage

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been in the news a lot lately, and that’s the way he wants it. For a guy seeking to position himself as a possible presidential nominee in 2024, getting your name "out there" is always good. Of course It’s also important that you present a strong, uncompromising image. In his opposition to pretty much anything said by health care experts with regard to COVID-19, DeSantis has been remarkably uncompromising.

Now DeSantis is fighting with school officials in his own state over his order forbidding them from requiring students to wear masks. They say masks are the only thing that can keep the delta variant from spreading through their schools like wildfire. He says that if they would just go along with him and pretend that the pandemic is over everything will be just fine.

We don’t have a time of birth for Ron DeSantis so I’ve done a horoscope for noon on his date of birth. (Click on Ron DeSantis to see that chart.) It is interesting that he is a Virgo by Sun sign. Virgos are typically practical and quick to adapt to changing situations. However, DeSantis’ Moon is Fixed Aquarius. Aquarius has a bad habit of placing principles before reality.