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The Contenders: Bernie SanderssanderBImage

Bernie Sanders has not yet announced his intentions to run for the presidential nomination in 2020 but everyone seems to expect him to. The guy has both the Moon and Mars in Aries, so it’s hard to imagine him passing up a good fight (Click on Bernie Sanders to see a chart done of noon on his date of birth.)

Considering his surprising performance in the 2016 primary, Sanders would seem the be the favorite among our contenders, but there are concerns about his age. He's from the Neptune in Virgo generation which predates the first wave of Baby Boomer (with Neptune in Libra). By Nov. 2020 he will be 79. A lot of Democrats would prefer to see a younger face.

When you’re dealing with someone with Mars and the Moon in Aries, age is not a consideration. While Sagittarius is the “forever young” sign, Aries is the “never grew up” sign. People with a lot of Aries energy in their charts simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are aging. Of course, refusing to acknowledge something doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.

The Contenders: Pete Buttigieg

Of all the contenders for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 that we have so far, Pete Buttigieg might seem like the least likely. His claim to fame is as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a wonderful city I’m sure, but not one that most Americans would be able to point out on a map of the United States, or even of Indiana.

Buttigieg’s second claim to fame is as the only openly gay candidate running for the Democratic nomination. He is also the youngest of our contenders, beating out Tulsi Gabbard by eight months. This might cause some people to view Buttigieg as a sort of “vanity” candidate, more interested in making a statement than in winning. However, I’m not so sure about that.

The Contenders: Kamala HarrisHarrisKamalaImage

Senator Kamala Harris is another of the contenders for the Democratic nomination in 2020 (at least the ones who have announced their intension to run) for whom we have a complete horoscope. (Click on Kamala Harris to see the chart.)

The most striking thing about this chart is the fact that Harris was born under a Full Moon, with the Sun and the Moon almost exactly opposite one another. This often indicates a strong personality (Donald Trump is also a full moon baby) but it also describes a personality divided against itself. In Harris’ case that divide seems to be between her Libra idealism and desire for consensus and her combative, get-out-of-my-way Aries Moon.

The Contenders: Julian Castro

When I started this series I assumed that I would be looking at a lot of horoscopes without birth times. To my surprise, the time of  birth is known for at least two of the contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. One of them is Julian Castro, who mentioned his time of birth (as well as that of his identical twin brother, Joaquin) in an NPR interview. (Click on Julian Castro to see the chart.)

Even though Castro is not the youngest person in this field, he has a long history of being the youngest among his peers. He was the youngest person ever elected to the San Antonio city council, the youngest mayor of a major city and, as Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the youngest cabinet secretary. Castro lags behind most of these contenders in terms of name recognition, but he is the equal to any when it comes to ambition.