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Trump’s Troubles

Chaos has been the identifying feature of the Trump administration from its very beginning. We have almost stopped paying attention. But recently there has been a significant increase in the troubles swirling around the White House and I decided to look at the President’s chart to see what was going on.

The most frightening problem facing the country right now is, of course, the tension with Iran. After nixing the peace deal worked out by the Obama administration, Donald Trump seems to have assumed that tighter economic sanctions would tame Iran’s leaders, but money doesn’t talk to religious zealots the way it talks to American capitalists and now we stand on the verge of, not just going to war, but becoming a part of a religious war between Sunnis and Shiites that has already been going on for over a thousand years.

Trump is also facing a variety of problems closer to home. The House of Representative is still talking about impeachment. He’s trying to quash testimony from a whistle-blower in the Office of National Intelligence. He’s suing his accountant to keep them from giving his tax returns in New York. His move to take money from the military budget to pay for his wall has angered some congress people who needed that money for pet project in their districts. The talks with China grind on with no end in sight. Meanwhile, his poll numbers are sinking. A recent poll has Trump losing to the four top democratic candidates in Texas!

Brett Gets Busted AgainKavanaughImage

Not again! Are we really ready for another congressional hearing with Brett Kavanaugh tearfully telling us how much he likes beer? Brace yourself, because that has become a possibility. More information has emerged about Kavanaugh’s rowdy past and the utter failure of the FBI to investigate charges of sexual impropriety made against him last year. Democrats in congress (most of them presidential hopefuls) are already calling for his impeachment.

First of all (with all do modesty) I must point out that this falls perfectly in line with what I wrote in my analysis of the Sept. 14 Full Moon chart. I wrote “some sort of deception will be uncovered”. In that chart we had Neptune in the Tenth House conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Sun and Mars. This is the perfect aspect for actions related to people in positions of power that were based on deception or incomplete information. Democrats are claiming that Kavanaugh’s confirmation was exactly that.

Following the Moon: Sept. 14, 2019

I had expected that the remarkably favorable horoscope we had for the Aug. 30 New Moon would play out in the political arena, (click here to see the chart and article) but instead we saw it work in the form of weather. At the time I wrote that piece Hurricane Dorian was set to hit the east coast of Florida as a category 4 hurricane. Instead it stalled over the Bahama’s and turned northward. Dorian brought severe flooding and a loss power to the Carolinas but compared to the tremendous damage it caused in the Bahamas, the US got a lucky break.

In the Aug. 30 chart the Sun and Moon were conjunct the Ascendant and trine Uranus. I considered this a “lucky” configuration and that luck spared us incredible devastation and possible loss of life. There was some movement on the political front. The House Judiciary Committee’s decision to continue investigations leading toward impeachment was important, but hardly the kind of head-turning change that I expected. The fact that President Trump blatantly broke two laws during the past two weeks (one dealing with emoluments and another against falsifying an official weather forecast) makes it seem as if he is daring the House to move forward.

During this lunation we also had the dismissal of John Bolton as Trump’s National Security Advisor. It is notable that Uranus in the Aug. 30 New Moon chart is in the 9th House of foreign affairs. The removable of Bolton’s hawkish input might also also be seen as a lucky break for the United States but, until we know who will replace him, we can't say for sure.

The Debate: Sept. 12, 2019 (Part Two)DonkeySymbol

In my last entry I discussed the transiting aspects impacting the horoscopes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke and Amy Klobuchar on the night of the next Democratic debate. (Click here to see that article.) Now I’m going to look at the horoscope for the five Democratic candidates for whom we have a time of birth and a complete horoscope. Click on the candidates name to see his or her horoscope.

Joe Biden – In part one of this series I pointed out that Mars, Neptune and Jupiter will be forming a T-sqaure at the time of the debate. Biden is going to be feeling some of that T-square energy. Mars and Neptune are near (within a couple of degrees) his M.C., I.C angle and Jupiter is in the middle of his First House. I think that, over the long haul, the Neptune side of this T-square is going to be an impediment for Biden, but Thursday night  the Jupiter side will predominate and that should help him. Also, at the time of the debate, the Sun will be conjunct Biden’s Midheaven. As the front-runner, Biden is going to definitely be the star of the show but, since the Sun is trine Pluto at that time, he’s going to have to be a star on the defensive end of the court.