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Are We Going to War With Iran?iran flag

In my last “Following the Moon” entry I had predicted that the tension between the U.S. and Iran would continue and that there was a possibility of war. (Click here to see that article.) I also wrote that positive aspects in that lunation chart indicated that the push toward war could be diverted. President Trump’s last minute cancelation of a planned air strike on Iran seems to follow these predictions.

Of course, this does not in anyway represent a solution to our problems with Iran. The Iranians are making noises about restarting their nuclear program and their aggressive posturing continues. This sent me on a search for a horoscope of the Islamic Republic. I found one set for Apr. 1, 1979 at 3PM in Tehran. The date is confirmed by Wikipedia but I’m not sure where the time came from. Still, the chart offers us some interesting information. (Click on Islamic Republic of Iran to see the chart.)

The Trump Campaign Begins

We have a new contender, this time on the Republican side. I know that there are other people contending for the Republican nomination but the chances of one of them threatening Donald Trump’s mastery of the party are slim.  Barring a radical turn of events (which may come in January), Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate.

In astrology we feel that the start of any endeavor requires a horoscope. The chart for the official beginning of President Trump’s reelection campaign is, at first glance, quite positive. (Click on Trump 2020 Campaign to see the chart.) We have Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, rising just a few degrees about the Ascendant and the Sun is in the Seventh House close to the Descendant. This was a great time to generate enthusiasm, display optimism and hold a huge campaign rally.

Following the Moon: June 17, 2019MoonImagePurple

In my reading of the New Moon of June 3 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had predicted that, since Jupiter was in the Seventh House of that chart, it was a good time to advance our relationship with other countries. The big news of the past two weeks was the completion of a trade deal with Mexico. That seems to be right on target.

I  also wrote that it would be a lunar period full of “almosts.” That treaty was predicated on a promise from Mexico to stop the flow of immigrants from Central America to the U.S. border. However, the deal does nothing to address the real cause of that flow, which is the general lawlessness of some of those countries. Since Mexico has trouble enforceing the law in some parts of it’s territory, this promise could eventual come under the heading of an “almost.”

I had thought the semi-sextile between Mars and the Sun and Moon would bring us more tension in the stock market. Instead, we had the attack on merchant vessels in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. seems to have evidence that the attack was carried out by Iranians and it is currently trying to convince other countries to take action against Iran. However, thus far that is another “almost.”

Rommel Image2
Astrology at Work: D-Day

Weather, tides and other logistical issues all played a role in the timing of the Allied invasion of Europe on June 6, 1944. Astrology was apparently not a factor. However, a look at the chart for that day indicates that, even without knowing it, the Allies had the stars on their side. (Click on D-Day to see a chart done for one minute after midnight on June 6, 1944. The chart was done of Caen, France, one of the cities Allied forces hoped to reach on the first day of fighting.

Mercury in this chart strongly placed in the Fourth House and it forms a close square with Jupiter. This is a perfect aspect for executing a bold plan. The square aspect indicates that there will be difficulties (and there were plenty) but, even in a bad aspect, Jupiter tends to be helpful.

Another interesting configuration in this chart is the conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Gemini. (During the course of the day, the Moon in Sagittarius opposed this conjunction, activating it even more.) We tend to think of Venus as having to do with relationships, but in war the most important relationship you have is with your enemy. Venus conjunct Uranus describes a surprising change in the relationship or, in this case, a surprise attack.