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California’s Recall Election

They do things differently in California. The rest of the country has known that for decades. But their handling of elections might be their most questionable eccentricity. In most states, if you elect a governor who turns out not to be up to the job (in your opinion) you have to wait until their term is up to get rid of that person. In California there’s no time like the present.

On Sept. 14 Californians will vote on whether or not to recall the governor, Gavin Newsom, that seven million of them elected three years ago. As you might guess, the last three years have been no picnic for Newsom, with the pandemic, wildfires and a homelessness crisis among other problems. The result is that there are a lot of unhappy Californians, many of whom have decided that Newsom has to go.

Right now polls seem to favor Newsom keeping his job, but his lead is small and, as we all know, polls can be tricky. I thought that it might be time to see what Newsom’s horoscope has to say about the matter. (Click on Gavin Newsom to see the chart.)

Following the Moon: Sept. 6, 2021GGAMoon

This past lunation period has been particularly dismal, with a rising tide of COVID infections overwhelming our hospitals and the sinking of Afghanistan into a 12th Century hell. All of this was described in the Full Moon chart for Aug. 22. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) In my analysis of that chart I said that there might be events in Afghanistan that would increase the heat on the Biden administration. We saw that on Aug 27 with the bombing at the Kabul airport.

Of course, there was much I didn’t mention in that article, such as hurricanes creating havoc in the eastern part of the country while wildfires ravished the west. Also, I didn’t discuss the new regulations on abortions passed by the Texas legislature. But these events have a lot to do with what I thought was the overall theme of that Full Moon chart, our identity as a nation, specifically, how we relate as a nation to the evidence of climate change and human rights.

Uncle Joe in the Hot Seat

Back in January I predicted that June 2021 would be a difficult time for the Joe Biden administration and, in a sense it was, with the Senate playing political football with his infrastructure bill. However, the first really significant stumble of his presidency came in the month of August with the disastrous withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

I have to admit that this caught me by surprise. I could attribute it all to Neptune crawling slowly retrograde toward Biden’s I.C. (Click here to see a horoscope for Joe Biden.) Also, we have transiting Pluto opposed to Biden’s natal Jupiter (in the Eighth House of inherited problems.) And, at least for the last couple of days, Mars has been transiting Biden’s Midheaven. This is often a passage that brings us more than our fair share of abuse. Still, I’m a bit mystified with how these transits worked out.

One possibility is that, despite all the furor and finger-pointing this is currently dominating the news, this seemingly disastrous event will not “stick” to Biden the way some political analysis say that it will. The fact is that most people in this country were in favor of our withdrawal of Afghanistan, When the dust settles, which I’m sure will take a while, relief that we are no longer fighting in Afghanistan will outweigh the ugliness that characterized our withdrawal.

Neptune and the Sibly Horoscope for the United StatesNeptune Symbol

Much has and will be said about the upcoming conjunction of transiting Pluto with the natal placement of Pluto in the horoscope for the United States that is coming up next year. (Click here to see the Sibly chart.) However, that is not the only “big” aspect impacting the US chart during that period. Around the same time that the US gets its momentous Pluto Return, transiting Neptune will be opposed to the Sibly natal Neptune.

Neptune in the Sibly chart is placed in the Ninth House which has to do with the ideals and ideologies that motivate a nation. Having Neptune in this sector emphasizes religion and, from the very first, religion has always played a major role in our thinking as a country. We began with the Puritans and today contend with the Evangelicals. Though church attendance has been declining in the western world since the 1960s, it is still more prevalent in the US than in Europe.

The other thing we associate with Neptune in the Ninth is muddled thinking and misplaced beliefs. This side of Neptune has frequently shown itself in the history of this country. During the McCarthy era we persecuted anyone with the flimsiest association with socialism. During prohibition we actually thought that making alcohol illegal would stop people from drinking it.