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Astrology at Work: The Day George Lucas Nearly DiedLucasGImage

The 18 year-old George Lucas was not much a science-fiction fan. He wasn’t even a fan of movies. His primary interest at that age was cars and speed. His prize possession was a tiny, European sports car that he had bought with money he earned doing odd jobs while in high school, and his dream was to become a race car driver. All that changed on June 12, 1962 when Lucas was t-boned in his roadster by a much larger vehicle.

The impact was such that it tore Lucas out of his seatbelt and threw him out of the car, which was tumbling down the street like a kicked can. Bystanders who witnessed the accident assumed that the unconscious young man was dead on the scene but paramedics thought otherwise and they rushed Lucas to a local hospital. Lucas spend the next two weeks there hovering between life and death.

Looking at Lucas’s horoscope it is easy to see where he got his need for speed. (Click on George Lucas to see the chart.) Mars is placed very near the IC, giving that planet special prominence. Speed is just one of the things we associate with Mars. A more common association is the military or sports. However, Lucas is a Taurus by Sun sign with Taurus Rising and the Sun in the First House. He was not interested in the tough discipline and hard work that joining the military or seriously pursuing athletics would have entailed. Instead, he was attracted to the sensual pleasure of going very fast.

Following the Moon: July 2, 2019

The chart for the Full Moon on June 17 (click here to see that article and the chart) showed a pronounced tendency toward conflict, but there were also positive aspects that seemed to “drain away” at least some of the that hostility. Shortly after the Full Moon, right on cue, Iran shot down one of our drones and the U.S started preparing air strikes in response. At the last moment, President Trump, pulled the plug on the mission and some of that warlike tension was “drained away.”

The other big event of this lunation period was the Democratic debates. The debates provided some drama and some winners (Julian Castro and Kamala Harris) and losers (Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden) but the disagreements between the candidates were incremental, so the battle of ideas that should be at the core of any real debate never happened. It was “drained away” in the search for sound bites.

Another important feature of the June 17 chart was the placement of Venus near the Ascendant. I read this as referring to women but, instead, it seems to have been about peace. Trump attempted to mend fences with the Chinese at the G20 Summit and then met with Kim Jong Un in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South  Korea. I had said that, since Venus was unaspected, the attention given Venusian matters would be mostly for show. So far, these gestures seem to fit into that category.

The Debates: Round One, Part TwoDonkeySymbol

My predictions on the last night’s debate were mostly on target. I had predicted that Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar would shine and they did. I felt that Beto O’Rourke lacked to aggressiveness to do well in this format and that Bill de Blasio was likely to appear too aggressive. Both those predictions turned out to be on the money. On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren did a little better than I thought she would.

Of course, the big surprise was Julian Castro, who is considered by some pundits to be the one guy who broke out to the pack in this debate. He is in the midst of a major Saturn Cycle aspect, and these aspects often give us a chance to show our mettle. That’s apparently what was going on last night. However, the Pluto aspect I mentioned is a long term affair and it is going to be drag on his ability to take advantage of  last night’s performance.

Now let’s look at tonight’s contenders. Click on the name to see what I wrote about this candidate in my “Contenders” series.

The Debates: Round One, Part One

Typically, we think of a debate as being like a boxing match, with a lot of fancy footwork, verbal jabs and the occasionally haymaker that puts one of the contestants on the floor (figuratively.) The upcoming debate between the Democratic contenders for 2020 is going to be more like a demolition derby. Each candidate is going to seek to do as much damage as possible to every other candidates and, at the same time, stand out in the wreckage filled crowd.

I thought it might be fun to do a little astrological handicapping of the first batch of debaters, set to do battle on June 26. Of this group there are only three people for whom we have a time of birth. That is Cory Booker, Julian Castro and Bill de Blasio. With the other seven I will be using a partial horoscope done for noon on their date of birth and there will likely be things going on in those charts that I cannot see.

By clicking on the name of each contender you can see the article on that person in my “Contenders” series and their chart.