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Uncle Joe Gets HandsyBidenJoeImage

A few weeks ago I wrote that, since Uranus  is crossing his Descendant this month, I expected Joe Biden to stop dancing around the issue and finally make his candidacy for the Democratic nomination official. However, Uranus aspects are by definition unpredictable and instead this transit has taken Biden’s reputed run for president in an unexpected and much less positive direction.

It has long been observed that Biden is a politician who takes the term “pressing the flesh” quite literally. He's big on hugs, shoulder rubs and handshakes. No one saw this as a problem. In fact, it was a key ingredient to Biden’s avuncular appeal and his reputation as a “regular” guy. However, the “Me Too” movement has brought new scrutiny to this kind of behavior and Biden is now suffering the consequences.

Following the Moon: Apr. 5, 2019

I’ve been away from my desk for a bit, so this entry is a few days late. Fortunately, the New Moon chart for Apr. 5 seems relatively quiet, so the main thing I missed was the trouble that has beset Joe Biden recently. That really have more to do with his personal horoscope and I will deal with it in a separarte entry.

Before we get into the New Moon chart, I want to say something about the very busy chart that we had for the last Full Moon. (Click on March 20 to see the article and the chart.) In that article I predicted that the Mueller report would come down. I also said that (because of the strong placement of Uranus in the chart)  it would be “an Uranian lightning bolt into the political system.” That was certainly the case.

I predicted that, because of the placement of the Sun and Moon, much information would be hidden from public view and, because of the aspects between the Sun, Moon and Uranus, there would something unexpected, unusual and “quirky” about the information. The fact that Mueller did not ask for more indictments and failed to find evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian hackers surprised a lot of people and caught everyone (even the president) off guard.

The Contenders: Marianne WilliamsonWilliamsonMImage

It would seem that I have gotten down to the last person on my list of contenders for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. (At least until the next one announces.) That is the noted author and lecturer, Marianne Williamson.

In Williamson’s horoscope (click on Marianne Williamson to see the chart) the Sun is conjunct Uranus late in the First House. She is an independent person who does thing her way. Her Sun, Uranus and Venus in Cancer are all square Neptune. Neptune can indicate deception and shifty behavior, but Williamson seems to have tapped the spiritual side of the planet and established herself as a New Age guru..

However, Williamson is by no means totally lost in the Neptunian clouds. She has the Moon in Capricorn. This not ordinarily a good placement for the Moon but, in her case, the Moon is isolated in the upper, right sector of the chart and it is unaspected. This doesn’t give the Moon more power, but it does give it greater significance in the total makeup of her personality. Williamson has made a thriving business out of being a spiritual advisor.

Damn That Jupiter

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how transiting Jupiter’s conjunction to Donald Trump’s natal Moon and opposition to his Sun was giving him a pass on all the bad news (the Cohen testimony, rising deficit, etc.) that was popping up all around him. Under the influence of that most benevolent of planets, the president skated through that rough patch with nary a dent in his poll numbers or his swagger. (Click on “Jupiter Gives Donald Trump a Pass” to see that article.

Now, with the release of the Mueller report, Jupiter has apparently given Trump another pass. A lot of people are upset because Mueller failed to ask for more indictments and was unable to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The president is claiming victory while Democrats are itching to see exactly what Mueller did find.

What’s going on in Robert Mueller’s horoscope (click here to see a partial chart done for noon on Mueller’s date of birth) is an opposition by transiting Neptune to his natal Mars. In a previous article I said that this aspect would bring more allegations of bias from the President and his surrogates. (Click on “Robert Mueller in 2019” to see that article.) However, in this case, Neptune took us in another direction.