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Lebron James and the Many Faces of Neptunelabronjamesimage

Lebron James has accomplished a lot in his 33 years of life: three NBA championships (one with the “home” team of his youth), multiple (and we would assume lucrative) product endorsements and appearances in a slew of movies and TV shows. Of course, he’s also considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time. However, last Friday James received an honor that can only be claimed by a few outside the news media. He was called out in a tweet by President Donald Trump.

In light of this high honor, I decided to look at a partial horoscope for James. (Click on Lebron James to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) What I found was that transiting Neptune is currently square his natal Mercury and Uranus. The fact that Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in James’ chart indicates a strain of idealism in his practical, Capricorn nature. This tendency is reinforced by the placement of the two planets in generous Sagittarius.

Alan Alda and the Uranus Return

Uranus is a relatively slow-moving planet. It takes around seven years for it to transit one sign. It used to be that very few people lived long enough to see transiting Uranus make it all the way around the zodiac and return to the place it occupied at their birth, what we call the Uranus Return. However, nowadays it is more common, and one person who has lived long enough to see his Uranus Return is Alan Alda. (Click on Alan Alda to see the chart.)

On it’s way around the horoscope Uranus squares it natal place twice and opposes it once. It is the first square that has the greatest relevance to most people. It occurs around age 21 and it typically brings about a need for independence and a desire to strike out on your own. It is a time to defy authority, take risks and do the unexpected.

The AffinitiesAffinitiesImage

I just finished reading a science fiction novel by Robert Charles Wilson (one of my favorite S.F. authors) called “The Affinities.” The novel has been around for a while, but I thought that its premise had relevance to astrology. In the novel Wilson proposes a future in which scientific personality analysis is able to divide a portion of the population into “types” which he calls “Affinities.” As these Affinities grew in membership, they formed networks of cooperation until members rarely had to deal with anyone outside their own Affinity.

The Affinities range from the “Hets”, who are hierarchal in the extreme (Capricorns, obviously) to “Taus” who are empathetic, adaptable and smoked a lot of weed (Pisces, right?) I immediately began to consider what would happen if we did the same thing with Sun signs, if we allowed people with the same Sun sign to form their own, autonomous Affinities in which they could be themselves without interference from other signs. Here’s my estimation of how that would work.

Following the Moon July 27, 2018

This last New Moon (July 12) was not nearly as “mixed” as I expected. (Click here to see the article and chart.) I expected the Grand Trine in that chart to produce something positive, but the only good news that seems to have come out of this cycle was the trade deal with Europe that emerged in its final days. That deal promises to shut down the tariffs that Trump had threatened to put on European products, but there are still a lot of details to be worked out.

The opposition of Pluto to the Sun and Moon in the July 12 chart obviously refers to the Helsinki summit. The “power play” that I had expected turned out to be the way Putin overwhelmed our president and got him to say exactly what he wanted him to say. The multiple excuses and attempts to rewrite the event by the White House will never remove the chill we all felt at seeing the President of the United States so clearly under the power of a foreign leader.

I was also wrong about the scandal that I foresaw. I had said that maybe Trump would not be involved for a change. Instead, he (or at least his voice on one of tapes taken from Michael Cohen’s office) was the central character. The tape seems to establish that Trump was aware of and helped orchestrate the quashing of Karen McDougal’s story of her affair with him. The tape does not appear to implicate Trump in anything illegal. It’s just proves that the president is a liar, which at this point is like proving water is wet.