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David Koch Steps DownKochDavidImage

News that arch-conservative and mega-donor David Koch is resigning his position on the board of Koch Industries and stepping back from his political activity comes at a crucial time in Republican politics. Koch is an old-style conservative. His political philosophy is built around a belief in small government, unfettered capitalism and free trade. Such principles have little relevance in the Party of Trump, which is what the Republican Party has become.

So, though Koch is apparently resigning because of health issues, it is not hard to imagine that frustration with the current political situation also played a part. In a partial horoscope for Koch (done without his time of birth) we can see that his Mercury is conjunct Jupiter. (Click on David Koch to see the chart.) This is an indicator of idealism. Koch’s ideals might not appeal to everyone, but they are based on his conception of a better world. Watching as the vehicle he had chosen to take him to that better world (the Republican Party) was hijacked by a loud-mouthed populist had to be difficult.

A Rough Ride for Rod Rosenstein

To me, the biggest mystery about Rod Rosenstein is how a guy who looks like him got an ultra-macho name like “Rod”.  Rod isn’t even a diminutive of Rodney. He’s just Rod. His parents were apparently expecting him to become a Hollywood leading man or maybe a professional wrestler. Instead Rod became a lawyer.

Of course, if Mr. and Mrs. Rosenstein had consulted an astrologer they would have known that their son was bound to pursue a legal career. He’s a Capricorn by Sun sign with Mercury and Venus in Capricorn sextile his natal Saturn. In both the way he thinks and in the pleasures he allows himself, Rosenstein is judicious, methodical and practical. We don’t have a time of birth for this chart, but even without a complete horoscope that much is clear. Rosenstein is a man who believes in structure and following the letter of the law. (Click on Rod Rosenstein to see a partial horoscope.)

Roseanne Barr and the Perils of Too Much JupiterBarrRImage

Though it is true that astrologers typically consider Jupiter and beneficent planet, too much Jupiter can actually be a bad thing. Jupiter expands and increases. In many instances that is a good thing: more joy, more love, more money. However, if our motives or our methods are flawed then that expansion only makes those flaws more apparent.

Yesterday, when Roseanne Barr sent the offensive treats that led to her television show being canceled, transiting Jupiter was opposed to her natal Jupiter. Roseanne’s natal Jupiter is in the 3rd House of incidental communication, the perfect representative of Tweets. Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter was in the 9th House which rules ideology. Barr tweeted a message that was indicative of an ideology that was rooted in racism and prejudice. On top of that, it was just plain mean. (Click on Roseanne Barr to see a double chart with her horoscope in the center and transits on the outside.)

Following the Moon May 29, 2018

I was wrong about one thing in my assessment of the last New Moon chart. I thought the “live wire” aspect would manifest in financial affairs, but instead we got unsubstantiated claims that Obama put a spy inside Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. This is similar to Trump’s claim last year that Obama had tapped his phones. It’s difficult to know how much of these allegations are an attempt to undermine the Mueller investigation and how much are just Donald Trump being paranoid, but it doesn’t seem that they will go far.

We might also link the “live wire” aspect (Mars square Uranus) to the school shooting in Texas. I was remiss in not making this connection. This tragedy was followed by another incident in Indiana. It seems that bringing gun to school is becoming an obligatory part of the age-old “school’s out for summer” celebration.