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Following the Moon: July 31, 2019

My reading of the Full Moon chart for July 16 (click here to see that article and the chart) was completely off target. I felt that the concentration on the Second and Eighth Houses in that chart would bring us big trouble in the financial markets. However, even though there are continuing signs that the economy is slowing, there was no major upset. In fact, all the big stories of the past two weeks — North Korean missile tests, the heat wave, issues at the Mexican border and the Mueller testimony — seemed to pass without causing more than a tiny ripple in the public consciousness.

My mistake was seeing the placement of Jupiter on the Ascendant in that Full Moon chart as a separate factor from the stressful aspects tied to the Sun and Moon. Instead, guided by optimistic Jupiter, the American people let the worrisome event of the past two weeks pass with what can only be called benign neglect. Who cares if North Korea has restarted it’s nuclear program, or about Iran’s continued belligerence, or further evidence of global warming, or the fact that the Mueller Report reveals multiple instances in which President Trump attempted to obstruct justice? It’ll all be okay in the end. Right?

The Debates: Round 2, Part 2DonkeySymbol

This section of the second round of the Democratic Debate will be starting just a few hours before the New Moon becomes exact and the energy of that New Moon will pervade the proceedings. This should make all of the contenders a little sharper and more alert, but it is also going to exaggerate emotions and exacerbate vulnerabilities. The candidates who best able to focus on their message and not be distracted by this excess emotionality will be the ones who come out winners.

The good news for astrologers is that we have complete horoscopes for six of the ten candidate in part two of this round. They are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro and Bill de Blasio. For Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard, Jay Inslee and Michael Bennet I will be using charts do for noon on their date of birth. If you click on the name you can see a previous article on the candidate and his or her horoscope.

The Debates: Round 2, Part 1

The first round of the Democratic Debates featured some remarkable moments and caused a lot of buzz in the media but it didn’t seem to have much effect on the polls. Kamala Harris’ move up to the double-digit club (where she joined Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) seems to be the only shift. This means that all of the other contenders are going to be trying even harder to get attention.

The second round will start on Tuesday, July 30. This will be the day before the New Moon and a day when the Sun will be square Uranus. All of the candidates should be feeling a surge of New Moon energy and an urge to be original and upset the status quo. Of course, some are going to be better equipped to take advantage of that energy than others.

Unfortunately, we have a complete horoscope for only one of the contenders in this section of Round Two. That is Marianne Williamson. For the other I will be using a partial horoscope done for noon on their date of birth. Click on the name of the candidate to see a previous article and the horoscope.

Bob Mueller’ Big EncoreMuellerImage

Back in Feb. I stated that, because of aspects in his chart, Robert Mueller’s report would either be released in April 2019 or much later this year. Of course, it was released on April. 18. This was good timing for the President.  Transiting Jupiter was opposed to his Sun and conjunct his Moon, giving him a boost of good fortune. The Mueller Report did not directly link President Trump with any crimes and he was able to say he was “exonerated.” However, a more careful reading of the report seemed to make that claim, at best, premature.

It would seem that Mueller was hoping that he could drop his report off at the Justice Dept. and forget about it. That’s not been the case. He’s already had to make one public statement on the report and now he’s going to be asked to clarify  parts of it to Congress. Some people are betting that his testimony will finally force open the floodgates of Democratic will and jumpstart impeachment proceedings. Others assure us that Mueller’s testimony will be every bit as cryptic and non-committal as was his report.

I assume that Mueller is not pleased to called to testify before congress. Leo’s don’t like repeating themselves. But the fact is that on Wednesday, the partial horoscope we have for Mueller (click on Robert Mueller to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth) is lighting up like a Christmas tree.