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Mercury, Saturn and Mick MulvaneyMulvaneyMickImage

I wasn’t all that interested in President Trump’ choice to replace John Kelly as his Chief of Staff. People come and go in this administration so often and so quickly that I wasn’t sure if this new face was worth my attention. Then I learned that Trump’s pick, Mick Mulvaney,  once said that he supported Donald Trump even though he thought Trump was a “terrible person.” I just had to see the horoscope that would produce that kind of thinking.

Mulvaney is a Cancer by Sun sign with Mercury also is Cancer in an almost exact square to Saturn in Aries. (Click on Mick Mulvaney to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his birth date.) Mercury is traditionally associated with the mind and thinking. I call it the problem-solver, that part of the mind that figures things out, starting with walking on two legs and potty training and going on to higher math and philosophy.

Betting on Beto

Ever since he reconsidered his previous claim to have no presidential ambitions, Congressman and former candidate for Senate, Beto O’Rourke, has become a rising star among Democrats hoping to unseat Donald Trump in 2020. Recent polls show him narrowly ahead of the previous front-runner, Joe Biden. So let’s take a look at O’Rourke’s horoscope to see what’s going on.

Of course, we don’t have a time of birth for Congressman O’Rourke (click on Beto O’Rourke to see a horoscope done for noon on his date of birth) but this partial chart gives us some interesting details. O’Rourke is a Libra by Sun sign with his Moon in Taurus. This puts both his Sun and Moon in signs ruled by Venus, a very friendly combination.

In my book “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” I say this about the Sun in Libra with the Moon in Taurus: “You are an idealist who never loses contact with the practical and the real.” A democrat from Texas has to mix his liberalism with a clear awareness of political realities. It was easy for O’Rourke to be to the left of Ted Cruz, but he’s probably going to be to the right of many of the people considered to be in the Democratic field at present.

General John Kelly Says GoodbyeKellyJohnImage

Back in Aug. 2017, shortly after he was appointed White House Chief of Staff, I wrote that, since Mars in Kelly’s chart squared the Sun in Trump’s, there would probably be friction between the two men. There have been rumors of this, but Kelly has not let that friction deter him from performing his duty, or at least what he saw has his duty. Now, apparently, that friction has become too great and Kelly is leaving at the end of the year.

Kelly is a Taurus by Sun sign and Taurus people are not quitters. General Kelly has stuck it out for almost year and a half, cleaning up Trump’s messes, firing the people he wanted fired, making sure that at least the semblance or order existed in the White House and, on one occasion, even defending the President’s ham-fisted condolence call to a woman whose husband had been killed in an ambush of American troops in Africa. However, even a Taurus has a breaking point.

What we can see going on in Kelly’s chart right now is interesting. (Click on John Kelly to see a partial horoscope for Kelly done for noon on his date of birth.) Transiting Pluto is currently moving into a trine to his natal Sun. What’s interesting about this aspect is that Pluto aspects are usually trying. Pluto pushes us toward transformation and, often, this means we have to go through extreme and painful experiences. But the aspect is a trine, a “good” aspect. Can we assume, then, that Kelly’s resignation is a “good” transformation? Maybe, but even at its best, Pluto rarely plays nice.

Following the Moon Dec. 7, 2018

I didn’t get much right in my reading of the Nov. 23 Full Moon. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I said that there would be a challenge to our leader (hard aspects to the Sun) and predicted a big move by the Mueller investigation against President Trump. Instead, a highly respected leader from the past died. I also predicted that, because of the many hard aspects in that Full Moon chart, we would see extraordinary act of violence. Thankfully, that one also proved to be wrong.

The one thing I was right about was that all those hard aspects (squares and oppositions) would produces a lot of action. We saw action in the Mueller investigation with significant movement in the cases of three major figures: Manafort, Cohen and Flynn. We also had a big trade deal with Canada and Mexico and (possibly) movement in the trade negotiations with China.

The horoscope for the New Moon on Dec. 7 is also dominated by hard aspects. (Click here to see the horoscope.) We have Mars and Neptune in a nearly exact conjunction and both are square the Sun and the Moon. Venus is once again opposed to Uranus, though the aspect is wide and separating. On top of this we have some more obscure hard aspects, the sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) and semi-square (45 degrees.) The sesquiquadrate is between the Sun and Moon and Uranus and the semi-square is between Mars and Uranus, so Uranus seem to be sneaking it’s revolutionary influence into this chart.