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Alexandria Ocasio-CortezOcasio CortezImage

For a long time I have been saying that it was the young people from the Neptune in Capricorn and Aquarius generations who were going to save us. Now we have a member of the former who seems to be on her way to congress. 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surprised everyone by winning the democratic primary in the 14th congressional district of New York. Since the district is heavily democratic, she is expected to be on her way to the House of Representatives this fall.

A partial horoscope for Ocasio-Cortez (click on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth) reveals that she has Uranus and Saturn in Capricorn along with Neptune. Neptune is the broader generational planet. It remains is a sign for about 14 years. Uranus, which transits a sign in about 7 years, represents a “mini-generation”, while Saturn, which takes two and a half years to pass through a sign, gives us a “micro-generation.” Ocasio-Cortez (along with everyone born in 1989 and 1990) is part of micro-generation with three layers of Capricorn.

Following the Moon: June 28, 2018

Boy, did I mess up. In writing about the New Moon on June 13 I correctly predicted that the victory lap Trump was bound to take after his summit with Kim Jong Un would be interrupted, but I was dead wrong about what caused the interruption. I had thought it would be foreign trade and tariffs (since the Sun and Moon were close to the cusp of the Ninth House). However, it turned out to be foreign people, specifically immigrant children being separated from their parents at the Mexican border. (Click here to see the article and the chart.)

What I missed was an aspect. The aspect was a sesquiquadrate between Venus at the top of the chart and Neptune in the Fifth House. The sesquiquadrate is an obscure aspect but, since I did write about another sesquiquadrate in that chart (between Mars and the Sun and Moon) I shouldn’t have missed it.

What I see now is that Venus on the Midheaven of the chart did set a peaceful tone, but it also made the country prone to sentimentality and emotional reactions. The conflicting aspect comes from Neptune, a planet associated with compassion (and the dissolving of borders.) It is in the Fifth House which rules children. The result was a wave of outrage and sympathy for these displaced children that became so powerful that even our fantastically tone-deaf president had to take notice.

No Sarah Sanders Served HereSandersSarahImage

When I read about Sarah Huckabee Sanders being turned away from a restaurant in Virginia my reaction was mixed. On the one hand,I thought it ironic that shortly after the Supreme Court said it was okay for a baker to refuse on moral grounds to make a cake for a gay wedding, a restaurant owner decides that it would be a violaton of her moral code to serve lunch to a defender of the policies of Donald Trump. On the other, it was not that long ago when, in many places in this country, white merchants and business owners felt it was quite in keeping with their moral code not to serve African-Americans.

On a personal level I do think that the person who refused to serve Sanders stands on firmer moral ground the anti-gay baker or white segregationists. However, I am still bothered by the notion that our country has become so divided that we all can’t eat at the same restaurant. Everyone has to make his or her own moral choices, but outrage can only take us so far.

We don’t have a time of birth of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but a chart done for noon on her date of birth (click on Sarah Sanders to see the chart) shows that she is a Sun sign Leo with Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. Leos typically possess a fixed set of principles. This tendency is reinforced by the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter. Sanders is a person who needs to believe, and she invests her entire being into what she believes. Her convictions are not just strong, they are at the root of her heroic, Leo self-image.

Melania’s Jacket

Considering her former career as a model, it was inevitable that Melania Trump would make news as First Lady because of something she wore. However, what we didn’t expect was that it would be a cheap jacket with a snide remark emblazoned on the back. For someone who has made a career out of picking the right clothes, this choice of outerwear is perplexing.

Different stories have emerged about why Mrs. Trump chose this garment for her surprise visit to one of the camps in Texas where immigrant children are being held, but we can assume that it was not a casual decision. The First Lady is a Taurus by Sun sign with the Moon most probably in Capricorn. Plus, she has Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto. She is someone whose thinking processes are slow and deliberate. Before any decision is made, she looks at all the angles. There is no room for impulse, no place for “casual.”