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China and the US Trade AspectsChinaImage

Doing a horoscope for a country can be tricky. There are scores of horoscopes proposed for the United States. The chart I typically use is called the Sibly Chart. I’ve checked it against important dates in US history and it performs fairly well, but it’s not perfect. (Click here to see the Sibly US chart.)

The horoscope I’m using for China is done for noon on the date that Mao Zedong declared the People’s Republic of China (click here to see the chart,) but I have seen other charts set for other dates. Also, the chart is done for noon because I don’t know the precise time.

What’s interesting about these two charts is that back in Jan. 2019, when trade talks between China and the United States began, transiting Saturn had just passed an opposition to the Sun in the Sibly chart  At around the same time, Saturn was also square Neptune in the chart for China, while transiting Pluto was conjunct China’s Jupiter. In this approximate chart, Jupiter is in the Second House of finance.

The Contenders: Michael Bennet

The field of contenders for the Democratic nomination has become so crowded that we’ve had a couple of prospective candidates back away. However, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is a Sagittarian by Sun sign, and where other people fear to tread, Sagittarians go gleefully. (Click on Michael Bennet to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.)

Bennet has served in the Senate since 2009. Before that he worked for an investment company, though his interest in politics is long standing. Over the years, Bennet has worked on the campaigns of several Democrats. His views lean toward the center and, in terms of his generational placement, Bennet is from the Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto in Virgo group. (Click here to see my article on the generational breakdown of the Democratic candidates.)

On May 2, when Bennet announced this candidacy, transiting Jupiter was on the South Node of the Moon in his natal chart. This might be taken to indicate that Bennet is fulfilling some karmic purpose by throwing his hat into the ring. However, it’s going to take a lot of positive karma make up for Bennet’s lack of name recognition outside his home state.

Following the Moon: May 4, 2019MoonImagePurple

I think I pretty much nailed it in my assessment of the Full Moon for Apr. 19. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I said it was a sneaky chart and William Barr has apparently taken on the role of the sneak. First his “summary” of the Mueller Report turned out to be a symphony of understatement, then he danced around the truth in a congressional hearing and finally refused to show up before congress at all. As I predicted, we have “some hopping mad Democrats.”

The thing I got wrong was the quincunx/sextile arrangement of Venus to the Sun and Moon. I thought this would bring us bad economic news. Instead the news on the economy was surprisingly good for the first quarter. Predicting a quincunx aspects is always tricky. They tend toward the quirky. Also, this plays into the beneficial Jupiter transit in Donald Trump’s natal chart, since he’s getting most of the credit.

Another thing that surprised me was amount of violence that made the news, with the shooter at UNCC, the attack on a Synagogue in California and seven dead in Tennessee. Of course, this is America and shooting people and getting shot is kind of our thing, but I should have picked up on Pluto on the Midheaven of that Full Moon chart as an indicator of increased prejudice and violence.

A Generational Look at the Democratic Contenders

Trying to get a handle on all the people who are running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination can seem impossible. One thing that is interesting, however, is that they can be broken down rather neatly in astrological terms by the placement of generational planets.

I consider the generational planets to be Neptune and Pluto. Neptune represents the hopes and dreams of a generation. Its influence is seen in changes in pop culture and in the nebulous aspirations that motivate a generation. Pluto describes the reaction by a generation to the big events that overshadowed its early years. It influence is seen in the attitude with which that generation approaches the world.

Keep in mind that generational astrology is general. Generational attributes are not meant to apply to everyone in a generation.