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The “Mooch” Moves On

Last week I happened to see Anthony Scaramucci on the “Bill Mayer Show” and I was surprised at how his support for his good friend and former employer, Donald Trump, (though briefly) had softened. After all, Scaramucci had written a book labeling Donald Trump as the “Blue-collar President.” Now I read that Scaramucci has declared that he is withdrawing his support for President Trump and begging the Republican party to find a new candidate for 2020. What caused this remarkable transition?

 First of all, Scaramucci is a Capricorn by Sun sign. (Click on Anthony Scaramucci to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) Capricorns tend to be loyal, but they are also practical. They don’t go chasing after lost causes. A Capricorn will follow his or her leader until it makes much more sense to do otherwise. Then they will change directions without remorse of regret. They’re doing what is necessary. What is practical. When a Capricorn heads for his or her bomb shelter it usually time to wish you’d stored more bottle water.

Jeffrey Epstein’s SuicideEpsteinJeffImage

I have to admit that I’m kicking myself a bit because I didn’t spot the possibility of suicide in Jeffrey Epstein’s horoscope back in July when I first looked at it. Of course, we have no time of birth for Epstein and I was mainly concerned with the timing of events. Still, the indicators were so obvious that I’m surprised that I missed them. (Click on Jeffrey Epstein to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

First of all, we have Saturn square the Sun in the natal chart. This is a classic indicator of the “never enough” syndrome. No matter what the person accomplishes in life, there is a voice inside his or her head saying it’s not enough. This aspect often appears in the charts of people who are extremely ambitious and successful. It also show up in the charts of people who are filled with self-doubt and plagued by depression. And, sometimes, they are the same people.

In the chart done for noon, Epstein’s Sun is in Aquarius. Aquarian have an innate objectivity that often helps them deal with psychological issues like this. However, if Epstein was born shortly after midnight, his Sun would have been placed in Capricorn. No sign is more prone to fall prey to the “never enough” syndrome than Capricorn. It could be said that Capricorn’s are primed at birth for this sort of fallacy.

Trump’s Empathy Tour

The verdict is in on President Trump’s visit to Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, the two cities struck by mass shootings this week, is in and it is not good. After what was reported to be a positive visit to Dayton, the President lashed out via twitter (where else) at Dayton’s mayor and Senator Sherrod. Then, in El Paso, victims still in the hospital refused to talk to him and two people who had already been released were brought back for the photo op. Through it all, Trump has complained about press coverage and categorically denied that his rhetoric has anything to do with these violent acts.

In the President’s defense, empathy is not typically a strength for Sun sign Geminis, particularly those with Leo rising and Venus conjunct Saturn. I doubt that anyone with a similar horoscope would have been totally at ease in such circumstances. What makes Trump’s situation worse is the fact that he has Mars conjunct his Ascendant. He gets mad, and that Martian anger flows directly through his thumps and into the twittersphere. (Click on Donald Trump to see his horoscope.)


Right now, transiting Mars is in Leo getting ready to pass over both Trump’s natal Mars and his Ascendant. This tells us that the President’s anger is only going to increase in the coming days. (The aspects will continue through next week.) And he has so much to be angry about. Half the country is calling him a racist, China has decided to play hardball, Kim Jong Un has proved to be a very bad friend and people are leaving his administration in droves.

Saturn and the Sibly USA ChartSaturnSymbol

I mentioned the shooting in El Paso to the clerk as I was checking-out at Wal-Mart today. She glanced furtively toward the front door and told me she was scared. Mass murders have become a fixture of American society during the past few years. We’ve seen them in churches, schools and various workplaces. However, this one seems to have people feeling particularly nervous. Perhaps that’s because Wal-Mart is such ubiquitous part of American life (except for the very wealthy) that it lets us know that we are all potential targets.

That got me thinking about Saturn. Right now Saturn is moving into retrograde into a square aspect to Saturn in the Sibly horoscope for the United States. In fact, every horoscope for the US charted for July 4, 1776 would be currently having this transit. When transiting Saturn squares it’s own place in the natal chart of a person, it signals a turning point, a decisive moment in which the decisions that the person makes and the actions he or she undertakes have major, long term consequences.