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Following the Moon: March 28, 2021GGAMoon

I have to admit that I didn’t see the violence of two (and now maybe three) mass shootings in the New Moon chart of March 13. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) As I said in a previous article, I link these violent acts to the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus, but I would have thought that we would have had indications of such events in the New Moon chart.

However, one possibility I did foresee in the New Moon chart was “people retreating further into their illusions.” As always happens after a series of these events, gun advocates retreat into their delusion that easy access to these weapons has nothing to do with the actual use of them. Meanwhile, liberals raise hopes of sensible restrictions even when the political will to pass such laws is sorely lacking.

I also said that this March 13 chart was all about “feelings.” In my analysis of the chart, I had hoped these feelings would be positive. For most of us, the shootings in Boulder and Atlanta have brought about a wave of  compassion, dread and mourning instead. For others, like the perpetrators of these killing and the several men who were arrested around the country when they walked into public spaces loaded down with firearms, it was fear, frustration and horribly misplaced anger.  

Saturn Square Uranus and Mass Shootings

When the outer planets get their panties in a bunch, bad things tend to happen. For 2021, the two planets that are sending out the hostile vibes are Saturn and Uranus, which are currently in a square aspect in Fixed signs (Aquarius and Taurus). The aspect is exact in February, June and December of this year but it will be within a three degree orb for a period began last February and will continue until mid-August.

Saturn is the rule-maker and rule-keeper. It is strict, conservative and judgmental. Uranus is the rule-breaker. It is rebellious, disruptive and unpredictable. In some instances the square between these bodies can indicate a conflict between confinement and freedom. In others it represents a clash between continuity and destruction. In all instances, there is going to be create extra drama and extra tension.

We have recently seen evidence of this tension in the shootings in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16 and in Boulder, Colorado on March 22. At the time of both those tragic events faster moving planets were activating the long-term square between Saturn and Uranus. On March 16 transiting Mars was semi-sextile (within a degree) Uranus and square Saturn. On March 22 transiting Mars was trine Saturn (within a degree) and transiting Mercury was sextile Uranus.

Candace Vs. CardiCardiVsCandace

Earlier this week, after the Grammy Awards show, conservative political commentor Candace Owens joined Tucker Carlson is lambasting Cardi B’s performance of her hit song “Wet Ass Pussy.” As the title implies, that song and Cardi B’s performance took the term “risqué” to its network TV limits. Carlson’s and Owens criticism of Cardi B was no less extreme. They apparently equated her music with the downfall of western civilization.

Since then Owens and Cardi B have been in a Twitter war over the matter. The nature of their exchanges and the validity of their arguments are not of any particular interest to me. However, their horoscopes are. (Click on Candace vs. Cardi to see a double chart with Cardi B’s in the middle and Candace Owens on the outside. Both charts were done for noon on their dates of birth.)

Following the Moon: Mar. 13, 2021

The Full Moon chart for Feb. 27 featured a strong emphases on the Second and Eighth Houses and, as I predicted, the major issue during this past lunation period was the COVID relief bill. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Despite, opposition from Republicans, that bill passed and has been signed into law.

I also mentioned that the ongoing square between transiting Saturn and Uranus was reflected in the current split in the Republican Party. The Uranian side of that divide was on top during this lunation, with Republicans united in their effort to disrupt the relief bill and Donald Trump and his friends taking over C-PAC. But that transit still has a long way to go.

I was optimistic about the trine between Mars and Pluto in that Full Moon chart. I felt that, despite the war-like properties of those two planets, it was a positive indicator. I think that came through in President Biden’s speech to the nation this week in which he framed our response to the pandemic as a war.