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Fiddling While the Amazon Burns

When Donald Trump was elected, some people predicted that he would bring about the end of life on earth as we know it. Who knew that the guy who would really do this would be a Trump clone down in Brazil?

In all fairness, Jair Bolsonaro was doing Trump long before Donald Trump even thought of entering politics. Bolsonaro’s record for voicing far right wing opinions, Nazi sentiments and totalitarian dreams stretches back to his time as an officer in the Brazilian military. In fact, Bolsonaro views the twenty years of military dictatorship in Brazil as a golden age and threatens his critics with the kind of “disappearing” and torture that was common during that period.

And yet, Bolsonaro’s won in Brazil’s 2018 presidential election. He was elected partly because he promised to put “Brazil first” (sound familiar) and had more money funneled into his campaign than anyone in Brazilian history. It was the source of all this money that brings us to the fires in the Amazon, because much of it probably came from businesses that stand to profit from the replacement of the untamed Amazon forest with nice, clear, arable land that can be used for farming.

Steve King and the Perils of Too Much GeminiKingSteveImage

The United States has a long tradition of senators and congressional representatives from so-called “safe” districts pontificating in ways that far exceed their education or IQ. The latest incarnation of this tradition is the congressman from Iowa, Steve King. King has established himself as the voice of the far, far right within the Republican Party and, in this capacity, he has famously sounded off on issues like education and immigration. Recently, he has taken up the subject of reproductive rights.

King is a Gemini by Sun sign. He also has the Moon in Gemini. If he was born early in the morning the Sun and Moon would be conjunct in his chart, making him a New Moon baby. (Click on Steve King to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) Gemini’s love to collect facts. They love figuring things out.  Sometimes this makes them seem a little cleverer than the rest of us. It makes the Gemini the smartest guy or gal in the room. But there are occasions when the only person who finds what the Gemini has to say clever is the Gemini.

Contenders: Phase Two – Stacey Abrams

I guess that is was inevitable that with well over twenty contenders for the Democratic nomination for president, we would at some point start a list of multiple contenders for vice president. Any of our presidential contenders will be on that list if they fail to get the stop spot but, just to make things interesting, we have a new person under consideration: Stacey Abrams.

Abrams, of course, captured liberal hearts when she ran for governor of Georgia. Affection for her in these circles only increased when she had the election essentially stolen from her by her opponent, who used his control over who got to vote and the allocating voting machines to gain an advantage. (A perfect example of what happens when you have power without principles.) Now Abrams has stated that she would be open to the second slot on the Democratic ticket.

We don’t have a time of birth for Abrams but even without it, the power of this horoscope is evident (Click on Stacey Abrams to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth.) Mars and Uranus are in an exact (to the minute) opposition. This aspect creates the potential for phenomenal originality and brilliance. It also describes erratic behavior and arrogance. Abrams seems to have those latter qualities under control, and she has certainly taking full advantage of the former.

Following the Moon Aug. 15, 2019MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the last New Moon (click here to see that article and chart) I promised shocking, Uranian events. We got that in spades. First we had the I.C.E. raid that took child separation to a new level. (I had said that the events might involve the entertainment industry, since the Sun and Moon were in the Fifth House, but the Fifth also rules children.) Then the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. And, finally, the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

I also predicted that it would be a difficult two weeks for Donald Trump. The I.C.E. raid was bad for the President’s image, but the fact that the El Paso shooter practically quoted Trump in his “manifesto” made it worse. On top of denying that his rhetoric was racist, the President had to go through his usual (Gemini) two-sided commentary on gun control (“Yes, we need background checks, but those folks down at the NRA certainly are nice to me.”). This was followed by a disastrous “Empathy Tour” of the sites where the shootings took place. Then, one of Trump’s good friends and vocal supporters, Anthony Scaramucci, announced that he no longer supports the President’s reelection.