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An Update on Bill de BlasiodeBlasioImage

A friend recently informed me that Bill de Blasio’s time of birth is known. New York astrologer Shelley Ackerman got it from someone on his staff. So, I’m updating the partial horoscope I did for de Blasio earlier with the real thing. (Click on Bill de Blasio to see the chart.)

The outstanding feature in this chart is the placement of Neptune on his Ascendant. I predictied that in the horoscopes of both Cory Booker and Joseph Biden, the prominent placement of Neptune would make it difficult for these candidates to define their aims to the public in a clear and emphatic way. De Blasio might have similar troubles as the campaign continues, but Neptune in his chart works a little differently.

First of all, it echoes the influence of his Moon in Pisces, the sign Neptune rules. Not only is de Blasio’s Moon in an emotional Water sign, it opposes Pluto. De Blasio is a man who feels things deeply. The fact that both the Moon and Pluto aspect his Neptune and his Ascendant (which is in Scorpio, the sign Pluto rules) indicate that those heavy emotions often rise to the surface of his personality. Of course, with Pluto and Pisces involved, those feelings are going to always be as complex as they are deep.

The Contenders: Bill de Blasio

Someone once said that the primaries are supposed to be a marketplace of ideas. If that’s the case, then the Democratic primary for 2020 is “Black Friday”. The latest bargain to be added to this very long shopping list is the controversial mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio.

Questions about de Blasio’s candidacy extend farther than just the fact that he is entering an already overcrowded field. Even though he was reelected in 2017 by a while margin, de Blasio’s tenure as mayor of New York has been rocky and he is unpopular with a lot of New Yorkers. There have also been allegations of corruption and mismanagement in his administration. However, de Blasio is a Taurus by Sun Sign, and when a Taurus decides to do something, no amount of criticism is going to change his or her mind.

Following the Moon: May 18, 2019MoonImagePurple

Even though I got most of it wrong, the events of the past two week fits well with the chart for the May 4 New Moon. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I predicted that the opposition of Jupiter and Mars in the Second and Eighth Houses would bring troubles involving finance. I thought that would involve the infrastructure bill that was in congress. Instead, we saw a breakdown of trade talks with China and dueling tariffs.

The same things applies to the placement of the Sun and Moon in the Seventh House which rules open enemies. I thought the open enemies would be Russia and North Korea but it turned out to be China (though North Korea did resume missile testing.) I thought that Uranus on the angle in that chart would be disruptive and, as far as the stock market is concerned, it was. However, I also said that the disruption wouldn’t have demonstrable effects, and so far it hasn’t. We’re still waiting to see how this trade war will impact our economy.

The Contenders: Steve Bullock

I’ve been seeing Steve Bullock’s name on lists of likely Democratic candidates for 2020 for a long time, so his announcement was like the other shoe dropping. He’s the popular Democratic governor of a the heavily Republican state of Montana. He has a history of fighting big business and corporate money in politics. Generally, he’s considered a centrist but his positions on such issues as abortion, gay marriage and campaign finance pass the liberal smell test.

Bullock’s horoscope has ambition written all over it. (Click on Steve Bullock to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) He’s an Aries by Sun sign with the Moon in Capricorn, two energetic, goal-oriented signs. On top of that, his Sun is conjunct Mars, the ruler of Aries, and both the Sun and Mars are sextile Jupiter, the planet of expansion and thinking big. Of course, Bullock’s Sun is also quincunx Neptune, the planet of both mystical visions and delusional aspirations.