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Following the Moon: Aug. 11, 2018moonimage

The problem with doing predictive work with astrology is that each factor you’re working with can symbolize a multitude of things. I looked at the conjunction of the Moon with Mars in the July 27 Full Moon chart, along with Uranus square the opposition to the Sun and Moon and I saw violence. Instead, we got another manifestation of the symbolism of Mars: fire. (Click here to see that article and the chart.)

The wildfires in California have been called the worst ever and they seem to be getting worse. If I had done the Full Moon chart for Sacramento instead of Washington D.C. I would have seen that the Moon and Mars were conjunct the IC and the Sun was on the MC, with Uranus riding the Descendant. With all of this angular action, it is easy to see why California fell into the crosshairs of this Full Moon’s fiery potential.

Donald Trump Jr.: Circling the Drain

The Trump family has never been shy about publicity but recently the name of the “First Son” has been popping up in places that can’t please either him or his father. Trump Junior’s meeting with Russians in 2016 has once again become a hot topic and the story behind that event has come to resemble a werewolf under a full moon. It seems to be getting hairier with every passing moment.

I’m using a horoscope for Donald Jr. that I saw on an internet newsletter from a respected astrological organization a couple of years ago. The article didn’t list a source and I failed to note the author. Since then I’ve looked for it on other sites and found nothing. I’m continuing to use it, however, because there are several things about it that I think work very well. Hopefully, at some point, verifiable birth data for Trump Jr. will be revealed and we’ll see how right (or wrong) it is. (Click on Donald Trump Jr. to see the chart.)

The big transit for Donald Trump Jr. this year is Saturn moving across his natal Venus. This aspect made it’s first hit in late January 2018. A couple of months later it was announced that he and his wife were getting divorced. That’s exactly what any astrologer would expect with this kind of transit. However, during the past couple of weeks, while Saturn was making its second pass, the big issue in Junior’s life seems have become the Mueller investigation and the possibility (some say probability) of an indictment.

Lebron James and the Many Faces of Neptunelabronjamesimage

Lebron James has accomplished a lot in his 33 years of life: three NBA championships (one with the “home” team of his youth), multiple (and we would assume lucrative) product endorsements and appearances in a slew of movies and TV shows. Of course, he’s also considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time. However, last Friday James received an honor that can only be claimed by a few outside the news media. He was called out in a tweet by President Donald Trump.

In light of this high honor, I decided to look at a partial horoscope for James. (Click on Lebron James to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) What I found was that transiting Neptune is currently square his natal Mercury and Uranus. The fact that Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in James’ chart indicates a strain of idealism in his practical, Capricorn nature. This tendency is reinforced by the placement of the two planets in generous Sagittarius.

Alan Alda and the Uranus Return

Uranus is a relatively slow-moving planet. It takes around seven years for it to transit one sign. It used to be that very few people lived long enough to see transiting Uranus make it all the way around the zodiac and return to the place it occupied at their birth, what we call the Uranus Return. However, nowadays it is more common, and one person who has lived long enough to see his Uranus Return is Alan Alda. (Click on Alan Alda to see the chart.)

On it’s way around the horoscope Uranus squares it natal place twice and opposes it once. It is the first square that has the greatest relevance to most people. It occurs around age 21 and it typically brings about a need for independence and a desire to strike out on your own. It is a time to defy authority, take risks and do the unexpected.