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The Debate: Sept. 12 (Part One)

The next Democratic debate is scheduled of Sept 12. It should be a lively affair, since on that date we will have Mars, Jupiter and Neptune forming a T-square with the Full Moon only a little over 24 hours away.  So, I’ve decided to get an early start on astrologically handicapping the debate. I’m going to start with the five contenders for whom we do not have a time of birth. For all of these candidates I will be using a chart done for noon on their date of birth.

Bernie Sanders – Mars will be conjunct Sanders’ Sun on Sept. 12, with Neptune opposite and Jupiter square. Given that he is an excitable lad even with the sky is relatively quiet, Bernie should be particularly energized for this debate. He’s going to have to defend his position at the far left extreme of this field of candidates. The aggressiveness of Mars should help him do this, but Neptune’s influence may make it difficult for him to do so with clarity and focus. Sanders is going to have to beware of coming across as too extreme, too bombastic and too angry in this debate.

“Beware the Stellum, My Son”CapricornGlyph

Every so often the planets in the sky get into a bit of a traffic jam. They bunch up is one of the twelve signs. This traffic jam is usually caused by two or more of the slower moving planets occupying that sign at the same time, so that when the Sun (which is generally closely preceded or followed by Mercury and Venus) gets there you have what astrologers call a stellum.

Stellums can occur in any sign, but the ones that seem to get the most attention are the stellums that occur in Capricorn. That’s because Capricorn has to do with structure and boundaries, both of which tend to be important factors in world events. For example the stellum in Capricorn in 1989 is often associated with the fall of the Berlin Wall, a structure and a boundary that overnight seemed to crumble at the feet of the people of East and West Germany.

That stellum started with Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn. In 1988 they were joined by Saturn, which stayed in Capricorn until the beginning of 1991. Neptune dissolves boundaries. Uranus disrupts structure. We might have expected the entry of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn,  to counter this influence. Instead, it seemed to kick it into high gear and the course of history was changed.

Following the Moon: Aug. 30, 2019

Reading through what I wrote about the Full Moon chart for Aug. 15 (click here to see the article and the chart) I’m amazed at how well this horoscope described the last two weeks. I wrote that the placement of Venus in that chart would bring us some encouraging news. The fact that the President of France was able to open the way for possible talks between the US and Iran certainly fulfills that prediction. We also had President Trump assuring us that there had been progress in the impasse with China over trade, through the veracity of that report is somewhat in doubt.

This brings us to the placement of Jupiter and Neptune on the angles of the Full Moon chart. I said that this would likely bring us a lot of distractions and fake news. Early in this cycle we had President Trump making promises about gun control and a middle class tax cut. He quickly withdrew from both positions. Then we had the G-7 meeting with Trump saying everything was fine while all the other countries were looking for ways to isolate the United States. Also, there was a “big” revelation about the “deep state” by Overstock.com founder, Patrick Byrne, that was broadcast on Fox News and CNN but quickly ran out of steam.

I also mentioned a news item that would come at us under the radar but still be of major concern. I see that as the fires in the Amazon rain forest. It took time for the American public to recognize that this wasn’t just another natural disaster in a foreign country, that it could potentially be devastating for the entire planet.

Boris Bears DownJohnsonBorisImage

The move by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to extend the suspension of Parliament has caused outrage across the political spectrum in that country. Many see it as an attempt to limit debate over Britain’s departure from the European Union that is set for October. Johnson, who was one of the chief proponents of the Brexit vote, has taken a do-or-die approach to the measure that many see as extremely dangerous.

Johnson is often compared to Donald Trump in terms of his conservative opinions and populous style. There are similarities in their charts. (Click on Boris Johnson to see the horoscope.) Like Trump, Johnson is a Gemini by Sun sign and, also like Trump, his Sun conjunct the North Node of the Moon. I’ve noticed that people with this conjunction tend to have oversized egos. No one has ever accused either Trump or Johnson of being shy.