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Summertime Aspect Part Twosummer image

We are currently in the middle of a rather odd aspect pattern. Three planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are hanging around at 20 degrees of their respective signs with Pluto nearby at 23 degrees. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that  the Nodes of the Moon are also at 20 degrees. I’ve been wondering about this pattern for a while now. I finally decided to look at it in relation to the Mueller Report. That’s when it began to make sense to me.

It was on March 11 that Robert Mueller turned his report over to the Justice Dept. A few days later Attorney General, William Barr released a summary of the report that seemed to exonerate President Trump from any wrongdoing. At that time Jupiter had just move into a semi-sextile aspect with Pluto at 23 degrees of Capricorn. The semi-sextile is not a strong aspect but it does describe glad tidings for people in power.

Following the Moon June 3, 2019

In my assessment of the Full Moon chart for May 18 (click here to see the article and the chart) I expected that economic issues would dominate the news. However, it was really a much more mixed bag. The administration was able to mollify the impact of the tariffs on China by delaying an increase on tech products and giving government aid to farmers. Of course, now Trump is talking about imposing tariffs on Mexico.

However, the fundamental shift I expected from this chart came when America’s favorite sphinx, Bob Mueller, spoke to the public for the first time. Mostly, he seemed intent on telling people that everything he wanted to say was in his report, but he did make clear that what he found in his investigation in no way exonerates President Trump from wrong-doing. This contradicts the “case closed” narrative that the administration and Republicans is congress have been advancing, but it remains to be seen if anyone was paying attention.

Summertime Aspectssummer image

It’s going to be an interesting summer. For the past few weeks transiting Jupiter has been opposed to Mars in the Sibly chart for the United States (done for July 4, 1776.) This has coincided with heightened tension between the US and Iran. The US is sending ships and troops to the region and our President is promised an “end” to Iran if they don’t behave.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and when you expand Mars you get conflict. The good news is that Jupiter is currently moving retrograde past that opposition aspect. I think that this will signal a lessening of war talk and a return to the regular level of tension in that region, which is still considerable. Jupiter will oppose the Sibly Mars again in late Oct. but this will be a quick passage and, hopefully, will go by without incident.

Along with Jupiter, Saturn will also be moving retrograde this summer. It’s going to go all the way back to where it was at the beginning of the year and, in September, repeat it’s square to the Sibly Saturn. Transiting Saturn will stop it’s retrograde motion just a few minutes of the arc away from also repeating its opposition to the Sibly Sun.

Theresa May Resigns

The announcement that Theresa May was stepping down as the leader of the Conservative Party in Britain probably didn’t surprise even of us “yanks” who pay scant attention to politics in the United Kingdom. She had been struggling to make a deal on the Brexit issue that would please her party, and it seems that now they have given up on her.

May is a Libra by Sun sign. (Click on Therese May to see a partial horoscope done for noon on her date of birth.) The Conservatives will be looking for a new leader who they hope will have better luck building a consensus on the Brexit issue, however if a Libra couldn’t persuade members of Parliament to compromise, it might just be an impossible task.