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Will Donald Trump Fade Away?Faded Trump Image

The obvious answer to that question would seem to be a resounding “no.” Trump still controls a large portion of the Republican Party and his endorsement are still going to sought after by ambitious politicians. Even without Twitter, he can still get the word out to his followers through various conservative “news” outlets and, barring an impeachment verdict by the Senate, Trump still is a possible candidate for the presidency in 2024 (when he will the same age as Biden is now.)

However, when I look at the aspects that are going to be hitting Donald Trump’s horoscope in 2021, I have to wonder. It isn’t just that his aspects for this year are challenging, which they are. They are also aspects that are likely to bring out those qualities of Trump’s character that made his last few weeks in office such a national embarrassment.

The Joe Biden Presidency BeginsBidenJoeImage

Today we saw what we hope will be the beginning of a new era. There were stirring renditions of patriotic songs, the momentous swearing in of our first female Vice President and, finally, the oath of office given to our new President, Joseph Biden. It all very emotional and inspiring, except to astrologers who were jumping up and down screaming at their TVs, “But the Moon is void of course!”

Void of course means that the Moon will not make a traditional aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) to a planet before it enters a new sign. Void of course Moons happen all the time but they don’t often last more than a few hours. Generally speaking, it is not advisable to make a major purchase or begin a new project under a void of course.

It's not that we astrologer don’t have reason to be suspicious of an inauguration taking place under a void of course Moon. Since the inauguration date was moved from March 4 to Jan. 20 in 1937, there have been three presidents who took the oath of office under a void of course Moon: John Kennedy in 1961, Richard Nixon in 1973 and Bill Clinton in 1997. Two of these presidents did not complete their terms in office and the third was impeached.

The Biden InaugurationBidenJoeImage

The inauguration of a new president is typically a boring affair. Everybody dresses up, stands outside on what is invariably a brutally cold day and waits for a couple of dudes (always dudes for some reason) to recite the same lines that have been recited for the last 150 years. Then everyone applauds and runs off to find some place warm.

The inauguration of Joe Biden, however, promises to be anything but boring. Since it will be occurring just a couple of weeks after angry Trumpites occupied the Capitol Building, there are credible expectations of disruptive and even violent demonstrations in Washington and elsewhere around the country.

I wish I could tell you that the horoscope for Jan. 20 contradicts those expectations but, in fact, it strongly reaffirms them.

Following the Moon: Jan. 13, 2021

I had hoped that the fact that the square between Mars and Pluto in the Full Moon chart for Dec. 29 indicated that the aspect and the mayhem it can bring was on the wane. (Click here to see that article and the chart) but no such luck. The last gasp of that violent aspect turned out to be the dominant factor for this lunation period.

Even though the invasion of the Capitol has gotten all the attention, the important thing is that the transfer of power has proceeded. Even Donald Trump has now admitted that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. That was clearly described by the Full Moon chart, with the Moon in the Tenth House and both the Sun and Moon aspecting Uranus. It just took a failed insurrection to get us there.