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Behind the HoroscopeCover

This is an excerpt from my newest book, “Behind the Horoscope.” The book covers the house placements of the Sun and the Moon. It can be purchased from this website, Llewellyn Publications and from Amazon.

Chapter One
The Sun in the First House

Everybody loves a sunrise, that fantastic light show the Sun gives us as it approaches the eastern horizon every morning. The milky grey of the dawn is slowly transformed into a natural masterpiece of pink, violet, and gold. There is great hope in a sunrise, and that hope is at the bottom of every interpretation of the Sun in the First House.

 The identification of the First House as a place of power within the horoscope has been with us since ancient times. The First House is an angular house. Its starting point is one of the most important points in the chart: the Ascendant. The linking of the Sun, the ultimate source of life, to this crucial angle has to promise great things.

So it is that people born at or a couple of hours before dawn seem to have won the astrological lottery. Just read what the texts have to say about the placement of the Sun in the First House. Some of the authors seem positively giddy, rolling out phrases like “strong will, abundant vitality, and intense self-awareness” or “great initiative and powers of leadership.

A Speculative Chart for Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is used to breaking barriers. Last year at this time he was the first openly gay and one of the youngest people ever to run for president of the United States. This year he has been confirmed by the Senate as the first openly homosexual and the youngster person to ever serve on a presidential cabinet. Buttigieg’s new job as head of the Dept. of Transportation may not be the most glamorous or public position, but it is the kind of practical challenge at which Capricorns like Buttigieg typically excel.

Early last year, before he dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination, I wrote an article in which I proposed speculative horoscope for Pete Buttigieg. The source of the birth time for this chart is flimsy, a second hand account of something Buttigieg supposedly said at a book signing. But the chart matched well with Buttigieg’s strong showing in the Iowa caucus. Let’s see how it does with his cabinet appointment. (Click on Pete Buttigieg to see the chart.)

Marjorie Taylor GreeneGreeneMTImage

The controversy over the newly seated congresswoman from Georgia is somewhat reminiscent of the negative attention given some of the young and very opinionated females who joined the congress after the 2018 election. The difference is that none of those democratic congresswomen were advocating the execution of their fellow members of congress.

Of course, considering where the Republican Party is right now, adding your “amen” to a chorus calling for the murder of certain liberal politicians is not such an egregious offense. After all, it’s several steps below inciting a mob to break into the Capitol and few members of the GOP seem to have been offended by that turn of events. Still, I thought it might interesting to look at what’s happening in Greene’s horoscope right now.

Following the Moon: Jan. 28, 2021

It looks like I got my wish. In my analysis of the New Moon chart for Jan. 13 (Click here to see the article and the chart) I expressed hope that the trine by Venus to Mars and Uranus would drain away some of the rage represented by the conjunction of those two planets. Apparently it did. Instead of Mars and Uranus blowing things up at Joe Biden’s Inauguration, we got the peaceful transfer of power promised by Pluto’s conjunction to the Sun and Moon in the New Moon chart.

Of course, the anger is still out there. We saw it mostly in the way the Republican Party has turned on its own during this lunation cycle. Republicans who don’t believe the fantasy of election fraud and who dare blame the storming of the Capitol on Donald Trump are being censured and ostracized by the hardcore Trumpites. There is even talk of Trump forming a third party.