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Harry Crosses a LineHarryMeghanImage2

We already knew a lot about the interview of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex (formerly Meghan Markle) even before it was televised last night. CBS has been dropping teasers all week. Still, we have to assume that there’s going to be fall out over what the couple said. The Duchess was quite outspoken in her complaints about life as a royal. However, the astrology of the situation tells us that it’s going to be Harry, not his wife, for whom this event will have major consequences.

In the horoscope of Prince Harry (click here to see the chart) transiting Saturn is nearing a square to his natal Saturn. This is an important Saturn Cycle aspect. These transits, which occur every seven years or so, typically mark a turning point in a person’s life. That turning point can be quiet and internal or it can be noisy and external depending on the chart and the person’s circumstances.

Saturn Comes for Cuomo

I’ve been wanting to write about the problems that have beset New York governor Andrew Cuomo for a while but every time I go to do it a new scandal emerges. It started with an allegation of sexual harassment back in Dec. Then came the admission that Cuomo had not allowed COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes to be fully reported. The was followed by two more women claiming Cuomo had made sexual advances to them. Now people are calling for the governor’s resignation and he’s the subject of an investigation.

Of course, Cuomo is not the first politician to get caught in a scandal, or even in multiple scandals. What make this situation special is that last year, when New York City was ground zero for the COVID-19 outbreak, Cuomo had come across as the liberal alpha male, a guy who took the virus seriously and was doing something about it.

Following the Moon: Feb. 27, 2021GGAMoon

Since the Feb. 11, New Moon chart featured Neptune at the Midheaven, (click here to see the article and the chart) I figured that something was going to throw a monkey wrench into the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. That something turned out to be the weather. The artic blast that consumed much of the country during this lunation gummed up the works in many ways and made a lot of people, particular public officials, appear ineffectual.

I was premature in my prediction that the COVID-19 stimulus package would be passed, though the House version has been sent to the Senate.. Of course, we also had Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial during this lunation. That ended as expected, with a lot of inflammatory rhetoric (Mars square Mercury) and some artful dodging and twisted logic by Trump’s supporters (Neptune on the M.C.).

Tiger Woods Wrecks his Car

Whenever a celebrity for whom we have a complete horoscope has a major accident, astrologers go looking at their horoscopes to see what was happening. Last week I wrote about Ashley Judd falling down in the jungle and breaking her leg. Now we have Tiger Woods losing control of his car and having it roll down an embankment. As it was with Ashley Judd, the aspects in Woods’ chart are pretty dramatic. (Click here to see a horoscope for Tiger Woods.)

First of all, the most important transiting aspect impacting Woods’ horoscope right now actually relates to a major configuration that we all are experiencing. Currently transiting Saturn is square transiting Uranus. This is going to be the defining transit for all of 2021 and it so happens that at present the aspect is occurring while transiting Uranus is opposite Woods’ natal Uranus and Saturn is square that planet. This is a unique configuration that is bound to spell trouble for any chart in which it occurs.