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Joe Biden Forgets Stuff

Yesterday’s New Moon was square Joe Biden's natal Mercury and it brought him mixed blessings (Click here to see Biden's horoscope.) On the one hand the special prosecutor in charge of investigating Biden’s handling of top secret documents found that no crime had been committed by the President. On the other the prosecutor felt obliged to insert comments about Biden’s failing memory into his report.

These comments were particularly damaging to President Biden, who turned 81 last Nov, because his advanced age is already a major concern for voters. They also give us a clue to what transiting Pluto will be doing in Joe Biden’s horoscope now that it’s pulled to within a degree of its square to his natal Moon. Pluto has to do with power and it appears that the power that will be assailing the President as he runs for reelection will be the power of public perception.

Following the Moon: Feb. 9, 2024GGAMoon

Since the Full Moon charr for Jan. 25 emphasized (click here to see the article and the chart) the Ninth House, I had expected that we would see action in some of the many court cases that are in the news. I also noted that the conjunction of the Sun in the Ninth with Pluto indicated bad news for the defendant in those cases.

That certainly was the case for Donald Trump, who was ordered to pay an enormous settlement in the defamation case brought by E. Jean Carroll and had his claims of presidential immunity dismissed by an appellate court. In other court proceedings, Trump had his suit against the British spy who produced the famous dossier on Trump’s connections with Russia dismissed, the Supreme Court is considering the claims that Trump's actions on Jan. 6, 2021 disqualify his candidacy and the special prosecutor in the investigation of Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents announced that he has completed his work though he has yet to release his findings.

I had also predicted a secret military action. That action came but it was no secret. The Biden administration hit back at Iran and Iranian surrogates in response to a drone attack that killed three American soldiers. Whether or not this will result in a further widening of the war in the Middle East is a question we will have to ask the New Moon chart for Feb. 9, 2024. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

Nikki HaleyImage
Nikki Haley Looks for Her Power

When Nikki Haley announced her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on Valentine’s Day in 2023 transiting Saturn was nearing a square to her natal Saturn, one of the classic Saturn Cycle aspects. (Click here to see a horoscope done for noon on Nikki Haley’s date of birth.) Her timing was certainly auspicious. That’s one reason that, nearly one year later, she is the only contender for that nomination still standing, other than Donald Trump.

Saturn Cycle aspects mark important transition points in your life. For Nikki Haley that transition was her first steps onto the national political stage. She had already received some notoriety and governor of South Carolina and as Trump’s representative to the United Nations, but now she was vying for the top job.

However, there was something else going on in Haley’s horoscope that day. Transiting Pluto was beginning its slow movement across the degree of her natal Sun (which is somewhere between 29 degrees 14 of Capricorn and 0 degrees 15 of Aquarius). While Saturn would continue its motion into the early degrees of Pisces, leaving the square to Haley’s natal Saturn behind, this Pluto transit was going to be with her for a long while.

Following the Moon: Jan. 25, 2024GGAMoon

Looking at the New Moon chart for Jan. 11 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had expected a significant event in one of Donald Trump’s many court cases. However, though there was movement in the fraud case in New York and questions about the prosecutor in the Georgia case, none of these developments was definitive. Instead it was the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary that told the story. Trump’s big win in both seems to give him a lock on the nomination.

I thought Mars in the Twelfth House of that chart might describe a secret military mission. It was revealed a couple of days that two Navy Seals died in an operation that involved boarding a ship in the Arabian sea and seizing Iranian made weapons destined for Yemen. That operation occurred on Jan. 11, the day of the New Moon.

The Full Mon chart for Jan. 25 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) places the Sun in the Ninth House of jurisprudence. The Sun and Moon form a T-square with Jupiter which, as the natural ruler of the Ninth, is also associated with the courts. It would seem that the movement in the various court cases currently in the news that I was expecting during the last lunation is set to roll forward during this one.