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Following the Moon: Jan. 21, 2023

I was so focused at what Uranus in the Tenth House of the Full Moon chart for Jan. 6 meant for Kevin McCarthy’s hopes of becoming Speaker of the House that I forget to look ahead to what that placement might mean later on for other people in positions of authority. That was, of course, the discovery of top secret documents in Joe Biden’s office and home. (Click here to see the article and chart.)

The fact that Mercury, which rules written communications, was trine Uranus certainly describes a shocker involving documents. The fact that the aspect was a trine, however, would seem to minimalize the damage done by this event, as least in the long run. Basically, Americans got to see both political parties at their worst during this lunation period. I think that has a lot to do with the combination of Venus and Pluto riding the Descendant of that Full Moon chart. No matter what your political persuasion, there were intimations of doom.

Those intimations of doom, Pluto’s calling card, are likely to continue into the next lunation. (Click here to see the chart.) In the New Moon chart for Jan. 21 we have Pluto conjunct the Sun and Moon. However, since this conjunction takes place in the Seventh House, the things that will worry us the most will likely come from outside our borders. For some people that might mean immigration, for others climate change, but I have my eye on something quite different.

Neptune Moves On Neptune Symbol

For the last couple of years transiting Neptune has been moving back and forth in an opposition aspect to natal Neptune in the Sibly horoscope for the United States. (Click on Sibly to see the chart.) Neptune aspects are always prolonged and their influence is often cumulative. You don’t see how much trouble they’ve caused until you get close to the end.

Neptune can be the planet of mystical visions, but it can also be the planet of irrational hopes and beliefs. Neptune plays with our perception of reality. Under its influence we see only what we want to see and count as real only what we want to be real. Too much of this and you can end up living in a reality in which facts and experience don’t matter. Everything is filtered through your Neptunian conception of what is true.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this long Neptune transit in the U.S. chart has created a situation in which Americans seem to be living in two separate and opposing (it is an opposition, after all) versions of reality. There are certainly variation within these versions of reality, they are both based on beliefs and assumptions that have more to do what we wish was true than what is really happening.

Joe Biden in 2023 (Part Two)

Last week I put up an article about the Saturn transits that Joe Biden would be dealing in February (or thereabouts) 2023. (Click here to see that article.) Now it’s time to look a little farther down the line to the latter half of 2023 when Uranus will opposed to Joe Biden’s Mercury. (Click here to see a horoscope for Joe Biden.)

This opposition will be exact twice during 2023, on June 26 and Nov. 3 and it will be within a degree for most of June and July and most of Oct. and Nov. However, if you allow even a two degree orb for these two oppositions they combine to cover the entire period from May until the last few days of December.

Given the duration of this aspect, it is obviously going to be important. However, there’s one problem. The transiting planet is Uranus and predicting what Uranus will do is almost always an exercise in frustration. Even so-called hard aspects with Uranus can be outstandingly positive. But they can also outstanding negative. That’s all part of the nature of Uranus.

Following the Moon: Jan. 6, 2023GGAMoon

I felt that the New Moon chart for Dec. 23 (click here to see the article and the chart) could bring us an uptick in inflation. That didn’t happen. In fact, even with higher prices, holiday spending remained strong. Overall, the Jupiter square to the Sun and Moon in that chart seems to have brought a fairly uneventful holiday season, unless you were flying Southwest.

That’s what I got wrong in my analysis of the New Moon chart. I underestimated the power of Neptune just four degrees off the I.C. The I.C. represents home and a lot of people weren’t able to get home because of a major breakdown in the organization of Southwest flights. That was very much a Neptunian situation, with a lot of confusion and unfulfilled promises.

Another Neptunian situation seems to have emerged in the House of Representatives. The inability of Republicans to elect a Speaker has become something of an embarrassment, and embarrassing situations are Neptune’s stock and trade. At this point it seems as if this impasse will continue into the next lunation period. The good news for Kevin McCarthy is that in that chart (click on Full Moon to see the chart) Neptune is not prominent.