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Joe Biden’s Stands Up to Saturn

Last month I wrote an article about the aspects that transiting Saturn was going to be making in the horoscope of President Joe Biden in Feb. 2023. (Click here to see that article.) Those aspects, a square to Biden’s natal Sun and his natal Venus, have now completed. So, let’s see how I did. (Click here to see Joe Biden’s horoscope.)

I said of the square to Biden’s Sun that it would introduce him to his limitations. I also said that people react differently to this introduction. For some people it is motivation to push harder and overcome those perceived limitations. For others it is a reason to stop fighting and accept that they’ve gone as far as they can go. Given Biden’s age, I thought he would chose the latter course, but it appears as if Joe is going for the former.

The square to Biden’s Sun by Saturn had just closed to within a degree when Biden made his State of Union speech on Feb. 7. In that speech the President showed no hints of giving up the fight. He intentional goaded his Republican opponents and laughed at their heckling replies. Obviously, Biden wasn’t thinking about his limitations during this speech.

Following the Moon: Feb. 20, 2023GGAMoon

I have to confess to completely misreading the Full Moon chart for Feb. 5. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I focused on the square between Venus and Mars in that chart when I should have been paying more attention the T-square of the Sun and Moon with Uranus. Uranus is the trickster and it appears as if the trickster got us good with the brouhaha over Chinese spy balloons and UFOs.

Meanwhile, the Mars square to Venus in the Tenth House is that Full Moon chart showed up in Biden’s State of the Union address. This turned into somewhat of a shouting match, with the President goading Republicans (Scorpios love a good fight) and Republicans heckling him. Of course, with Mars strongly aspected in that chart we also got more mass shootings (the one thing I did get right), this time in Michigan and Mississippi.

Mars is strongly placed in the New Moon chart for Feb. 20 as well, sitting in the Seventh House just a few degrees above the Descendant. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) This time, however, the aspects to Mars are more benign, a trine to Mercury and a semi-sextile to Uranus. This might indicate a more peaceful lunation period, although the fact that the semi-sextile between Mars and Uranus is almost exact and Uranus is square Mercury could bring us more Uranian trickery.

Following the Moon: Feb. 5, 2023

In my analysis of the New Moon for Jan. 21 I got the diagnosis right but picked the wrong plague. In that article (click here to see the article and the chart) I worried that the conjunction of Pluto with the Sun and Moon might bring another surge of COVID. Instead it was the plague of gun violence that surged during this lunation period, with a rash of random shootings in California that had murderous kooks in other states scrambling to keep up.

I also predicted that the nation’s response would be muddled. Of course, it always is with mass shootings. The fact is that there are already enough guns in circulation in the U.S. kill us of all ten times over and no amount of gun control at this late stage is going to change that. Maybe it would be better if we all just traded in our masks for bullet-proof vests.

I also noted that the conjunction of Venus and Saturn in the Eighth House indicated the reopening of longstanding wounds. The killing of Tyre Norton in Memphis accomplished that and made the point that even when the police officers looks like you, things can still go very wrong. The good news in the Full Moon chart for Feb. 5 (click on Full Moon to see the chart.) is that it won’t the old wounds that cause trouble during the next lunation period. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as the good news goes.

Oscar OutrageRiseboroughAImage

This is the time of year when Americans stop paying attention to the partisan tussle in Washington and turn to the Academy Awards for their competitive thrills. This year’s nominations have not disappointed. In particular, the nomination of Andrea Riseborough (a little known actress) for Best Actress for her role in “To Leslie,” (an even lesser known film) has created a storm of controversy.

What makes this nomination controversial is that it came after a bevy of A-list actresses and actors, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Adams and Edward Norton, advocated for it on social media. Some people feel that the Academy was overly influenced by these famous voices and that other worthy performers were consequently shut out. Of course, since they are judgements of quality rather that quantity, Oscar nominations are frequently questioned, but the questions surrounding this nomination have actually caused the Academy to launch an investigation.

In the midst of all this controversy we have Andrea Riseborough, seeming like an innocent bystander. I thought it might be interesting to see what was going on in her horoscope right now. Unfortunately, we do not have a time of birth for Riseborough but, even with just a chart done of noon on her date of birth, there are some interesting issues. (Click on Andre Riseborough to see the chart.)