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Tucker Carlson Gets Fired

I have to admit that I was thrilled when I heard that Tucker Carlson was being “let go” by Fox News, not because of any disagreements I might have with his politics but because I knew we have a complete horoscope with a time of birth for Carlson. It is so seldom that people pop us in the news for whom this is the case that I knew I had to write something about this event. (Click on Tucker Carlson to see the chart.)

First of all, a few words about Carlson’s chart. He is a Taurus by Sun sign. It is amazing how often people with strong philosophical and political opinions turn out to have this Sun sign. We tend to assume that Taurus people are only concerned with the physical but, in fact, they need solid, fixed ideals and principles on which to base their actions in the physical world. This need can sometimes take an otherwise earthy Taurus into an intellectual space that is surprisingly rarified and abstract.

In Carlson’s chart this tendency is reinforced by the placement of the Sun and Moon in the Eleventh House, which indicates a need to be identified with a particular community. Also, he has Jupiter conjunct the South Node of the Moon. In my book, The Lunar Nodes, I associate this aspect with the archetype of the “True Believer.” You often find it in the charts of people with deep religious, philosophical or political convictions.

Following the Moon: Apr. 20, 2023GGAMoon

I greatly misjudged the importance of Mars in the Full Moon chart for Apr. 6. (Click here to see the chart and the article.) I felt that being weak in the sign of Cancer and trine Saturn would restrain the violent inclinations of Mars. But trine aspects are about flow. They tend to reinforce the status quo, and shooting people you don’t know for no good reason has become the status quo in this country. This lunation period featured a steady drumbeat of such incidents.

The Uranian surprise I mentioned came in the form of the man arrested for releasing secret military documents related to the war in Ukraine. It turned out that the perpetrator was not some nefarious master spy. It was a young U.S. soldier who apparently committed treason in order impress his online gaming buddies. The combination of technology (the guy was an IT specialist) and off-the-wall stupidity plays right along with the mischievous qualities of Uranus.

On the political front, however, things were quieter and in keeping with the influence of Jupiter in that Full Moon chart. There was outcry early in this lunation period when a judge outlawed an abortion pill but a stay on that ruling imposed by the Supreme Court has put that matter in legal limbo for the time being. I attribute this to the square of Pluto to Mercury in the Apr. 6 chart.

How Pluto Brought Down a Legend

In Nov. 2001 a documentary was released titled “Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.” At first glance, there seems to be something odd about this title. How does a porn star become legendary. However, by 2001 Ron Jeremy had been in the porn business for thirty years. He had appeared in thousands of films and was one of the most recognizable figures in that business. On top of that he was well-liked. He even received a Positive Image Award in 2009.

At the time this documentary released Neptune was nearing a conjunction to Jeremy’s Moon in the First House. (Click here to see the chart.) This seems appropriate. Neptune represents popular culture and the Moon in the First (and conjunct the North Node or the Moon) is an indicator of popularity. But with Neptune there is often more to the story than is being told. In this case, according to court records that were released twenty years later, it seems that in 2001 Jeremy was already beginning to exhibit behavior that would eventually put a very different spin on his legend.

That behavior allegedly included grouping, sexually abusing and raping women. Some of this behavior happened on the job. By 2017, Jeremy’s reputation within the porn industry had become so toxic that he was banned from porn’s yearly convention because of complaints leveled by several actresses. Others such encounters allegedly occurred in bars or at various homes. Unfortunately for Jeremy, the 2017 ban was just the beginning of his troubles. In 2021 he was indicted on 30 counts of sexual abuse involving 25 different women.

We Three PresidentsLunarNodesCover2

If there was a “Believe or Not” museum for astrology one of the prime exhibits would be the one showing how we’ve had three American presidents born, not just in the same generation (baby boom), not just in the say year (1943) but in consecutive months of that year (June, July and Aug). Those presidents were (in order of their birth) Donald Trump, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. (Click on each name to see the chart.)

There are a few similarity between the charts. Trump was born under a full moon, with the Sun opposed to the Moon, while Bush and Clinton were born under a quarter moon, with the Sun square the Moon (though the aspect in Clinton’s chart is wide). Both Clinton and Trump have Mars conjunct the Ascendant, (but Bush doesn’t). Both Bush and Trump have the Jupiter aspecting the Moon, (but not Clinton). However, overall the differences in the three charts seem to outweigh any similarities, except when it comes to the Nodes of the Moon.