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Too Much Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of bounty. When Jupiter is making a transiting aspect to a planet or significant point in your horoscope you expect good luck. The problem is that Jupiter’s motion through the zodiac is typically rather speedy and its transit often last little more than few days. For this reason, generally speaking, Jupiter transits rarely coincide with major turning point unless they are supported by other, long term transits.

The exception is when transiting Jupiter is moving retrograde (and therefore slower) or, even better, when Jupiter is aspecting an important point in your chart by secondary progression. These secondary progressed aspects can last years, and those years can be years of incredible bounty in your life. However, they can also be years of excess and waste. Too much Jupiter, like too much of anything, can have devastating results.

A good example of this is the life of Maria Schneider. (Click here to see her horoscope.) Schneider was a French actress who is most remembered nowadays for her role in the controversial 1972 film “Last Tango in Paris.” The film was made and released during a time with Schneider’s secondary progressed Jupiter was conjunct her Descendant and, true to form, it catapulted the 19 year-old actress from obscurity to international stardom.

GGAMoonFollowing the Moon: July 17, 2023

In my comments on the Full Moon chart for July 3 (click here to see the article and the chart) I noted that the placement of Pluto on the Descendant, along with the aspects to Mars, indicated violence. Of course, predicting violence in America is always a safe bet, but this past lunation period was particularly bloody, with 200 people dying of gunshots over the July 4th holiday weekend alone. This number was actually lower than last year, but we’ve added to it since with random shootings in New York, Georgia and other places around the country.

The other “big” news was the discovery of a half gram or so of cocaine in a common area of the White House. The fact that the secret service was unable to determine where it came from has angered certain members of Congress, but given that the July 3 lunation chart had the Sun in the Twelfth House of hidden things, is that really such a surprise?

The New Moon chart for July 17 has the Sun and Moon once again in cadent houses. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) However, this time it’s the Ninth House which is typically associated with things like higher education and philosophy. It is also associated with the courts and, these days, the courts seems to be where all the action is.

Following the Moon: July 3, 2023

I thought that the placement of Neptune in the First House of the New Moon chart for June 18 (Click here to see the article and the chart.) would bring us confusion. Instead, we got an oceanic tragedy. Given Neptune’s association with the sea, the symbolism fits but I doubt that anyone could have predicted the Titanic submersible disaster from that New Moon chart.

More in keeping with what we typically get with Neptune strongly placed in a lunation chart is the contradictory statements about the tax evasion case against Hunter Biden. It is the scandal that just won’t go away. Saturn was also well-represented in the June 18 chart and we got a Saturnian “No!” from the Supreme Court on several issues during this lunation period, including affirmative action and student loan forgiveness.

The New Moon chart for June 18 had the Sun and Moon in an angular house. That typically means that something important is going down. We saw that, particularly with the Supreme Court rulings. However, the Full Moon chart for July 3 has the Sun and Moon in cadent houses. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) This generally indicates a quieter period when the important stuff is happening below the radar or in places hidden from public view.

Putin in a Tight SpotPutinVImage

I am on record as having doubts about the birth data that was provided years ago by Putin’s people in Moscow. I expressed these suspicions last year before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. At that time transiting Uranus was opposite Putin's natal Venus while his secondary progressed Jupiter was also opposed to his natal Venus. I felt that this emphasize on Venus didn’t resonate with making war. However, looking at his chart now, as his war machine begins to fall apart, I’m wondering if I wasn’t a bit hasty with my doubts. (Click here to see a double chart with Putin’s natal map in the center and current transits on the outside.)Right now transiting Neptune is square Putin’s natal Mars. The aspect appears to be separating now but Neptune will turn retrograde in a few days and the square will be exact again in September.

This square aptly describes the situation that Putin is currently facing, with the commander of the Wagner mercenaries opening rebelling against his government. The commander claims he was decieved, Putin has declared his action a betrayal and the Russian people are in a state of confusion: all Neptune. Right now there seems no direct threat to Putin but that could change as transiting Mars across Putin’s Midheaven and his natal Pluto over the next three or four days,

Meanwhile, in Putin’s secondary progressed chart progressed Jupiter continues to oppose Putin’s Venus in the First House. We would expect this to protect him from personal harm but Jupiter transits, particularly angular aspects, can inspire a person to push their luck a step too far. I think this is what happened when Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in 2022. He expected an easy victory. Pushing his luck in his current situation could be even more disastrous.