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New Year’s Resolutions

For astrologers the notion of making a fresh start at the beginning of the year carries little weight. January 1 is an arbitrary marker and has no real meaning to anyone’s life other than being an excellent excuse to have a party and, maybe, kiss a stranger. If you’re going to make a “New Year’s resolution,” make it on your birthday when the transiting Sun conjuncts your natal Sun or, better yet, when Saturn makes an angular aspect to its natal place, or when Uranus crosses your Midheaven, or when your progressed Moon aligns with your natal Sun, or on any of a dozen of other points in time when astrology tells us that big changes are possible.

That being said, it is a fact that many people do make New Year’s resolutions and that some of them actually intend to keep them. If you’re one of those people you are not going to enjoy the next week. Your resolution is likely to falter or get delayed. The current arrangement of planets, the aspects that influence all of us, are not conducive for beginning new projects and the more you push to get something started, the more bogged down you will feel.

If you must move ahead with a New Year’s resolution, do yourself a favor and wait until the Full Moon on January 8 (actually on Jan. 9 at about 2AM EST) to begin your journey toward self-improvement. Even though Full Moons are more often associated with endings than beginnings, you should feel more enterprising and energetic during this transit. Of course, unless there’s an indicator of change happening in your personal horoscope to support this energy, your resolution is probably going to fall flat after a week or two; but isn’t that what we all expect of New Year’s resolutions?

Mel Gibson Gets Divorcedmelgibson

In his long career Mel Gibson has presented many faces to the public. There’s the pretty one that launched such movie franchises as “Mad Max” and “Lethal Weapon” and got him elected as the “Sexiest Man Alive.” There’s the face of the serious filmmaker responsible for such mega-hits as “Braveheart” and “The Passion of Christ.” And then there’s the face of the hate-filled alcoholic spewing anti-Semitic, racist and sexist remarks.

It shouldn’t be surprising that a man this complex would possess an extremely complex horoscope. In Gibson’s chart we see seven planets at or very near the first degree of six different signs. This means we have a web of close aspects, some positive, some negative and all intense. (Click here to see Gibson's horoscope.)

The dominant system in this web of aspects is the T-square featuring Mercury opposed to Uranus and square Neptune. This is a creative arrangement, indicating an extremely original and perceptive mind, but it is also an aspect that brings erratic thinking, thinking that frequently veers across the boundaries between logical and illogical, rational and irrational and clever and hurtful. We might term this as the “foot-in-mouth” T-square, an attribute that Gibson as proved repeatedly.

The real problem with having so many planets at the same degree of different signs is that when one of them makes an aspect to a transiting or progressed body, they all are affected. Thus, when Gibson’s progressed Moon neared one degree Leo, (opposite his natal Mercury, conjunct in natal Uranus and square his natal Neptune,) he had his famous D.U.I. arrest, the one that led to his anti-Semite rant. And when transiting Uranus closed in one degree Aries and his progressed Mars reached one degree of Capricorn, he split with his girlfriend (Oksana Grigorieva) and his wife won a $425 million settlement in their divorce.

The next month will not be good for Gibson. His progressed Mars will remain at one degree Capricorn while transiting Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all linger near this degree in their respective signs. Another self-destructive outburst is not unlikely. Of course, considering the damage that has already been done to both his reputation and his finances, it might not make much of a difference.

Britney Spears Gets Engaged

Britney Spears
recently announced her engagement to Jason Trawick. This is the second time Spears has made such a joyous announcement. The first was in July, 2004, when she announced her engagement to Kevin Federline. That marriage did not turn out so well. Will this one be better?

I use Spears as an example in my book Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life and I point out that she announced her marriage to Kevin Federline just as Saturn squared her natal Saturn. Under the influence of this square Spears felt the call to "settle down" and take on an adult role. Unfortunately for Spears, her life up to that point had not prepared her for such a role and, in the years that followed her marriage to Federline, her immaturity was made painfully obvious.

This latest announcement took place as Uranus crossed her Descendant (the first degree of her 7th House of marriage) and Jupiter opposes her natal Jupiter. The Uranus aspect is a classic indicator or a new phase in an important relationship and the Jupiter aspect represents good fortune and optimism. Without a doubt, Spears has high hopes for her forthcoming marriage.

The problem is that both Uranus or Jupiter are notorious for promising more than they can deliver. Uranus is particularly fickle, bringing us changes that are shockingly good in one stroke and shockingly bad in another.The most hopeful news is that in Oct. of this year Spears had her first Saturn return, the return of transiting Saturn to its natal position. (See my article on the "27 Club".) This passage generally represents the final step of growing up, the time when we must take our place as an adult in society. If Spears was able to take this Saturn return to heart and learn the lessons it brought her, her third marriage will prosper. If not, we may be in for yet another wild display of immaturity.  (Click here to see Britney Spear's horoscope.)

Your Mars/Venus Who’s Whomars red

Our Mars/Venus Who’s Who contains the names of all the celebrity examples we cite in The Mars and Venus Playbook. There are close to fifteen hundred names in this list divided into categories such as Entertainment, Politics and Sports.
The people listed include contemporary notables such as Justin Bieber, Emma Stone and Katy Perry as well as historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Queen Elizabeth I.

Explore these lists and you will find that many of the names have been highlighted. If you click on these highlighted names you will be taken to the Mars and Venus combination that describes that person. You’ll see that Bradley Cooper is a Level-Headed Love Child and Lady Gaga is an Untamed Slave of Love and you’ll learn what Mars and Venus say about their sexuality and discover who else shares these categories.

venus symbol blue
So take a few moments to look over our Mars/Venus Who’s Who and check out your favorite celebrities. Of course, if you want to look up your own Mars and Venus combination, use our Mars and Venus Playbook. If you don’t know where Mars and Venus are in your horoscope, use our Mars and Venus tables to look it up.