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Astrology and UFOs

A couple of days ago the Pentagon’s report on what they termed “Unidentified Arial Phenomena” was given to Congress. Since details of the report had been leaked weeks before, there were no surprises. The gist of the report was, “Yeah, this stuff happens and, no, we can’t explain it. Now can we please change the subject?” And yet, despite its bland lack of commitment, the report has been greeted cries of joy from the community of UFO researchers and believers and dissatisfied grousing from many scientists.

One astrologer I follow on Twitter noted that this announcement came out on the day that Neptune, the planet of all things weird and fantastic, went retrograde. That is interesting, but I see this report as relating to astrology in a much more fundamental way. In fact, I think it could represent a small step toward a more general acceptance of astrology by the public at large.

Following the Moon: June 24, 2021GGAMoon

With Venus at the helm of the New Moon chart for June 10 (click here to see the article and the chart) we’ve cruised through the past two weeks on a cloud of positive feelings. COVID restrictions across the country are relaxing and people are going around with their whole face hanging out, just like in the old days (2019). Of course, there are still worries about variants of the virus and a possible resurgence of infections but, for the most part, Venus in the First House of that chart has led us to a brighter day.

Unfortunately, Venus wasn’t the only planet active in the June 10 chart. Neptune was also prominent and it brought us some variants of the conspiracy theory that’s gathered around the insurrection of Jan. 6. (Now the claim is that it was an FBI operation.) Also, the interminable “audit” that is going on in Arizona is being touted as the wedge that will overturn the November election and put Donald Trump back in the White House by August.

Along with all the Neptunian pipe dreams we had had the culmination of the Saturn to Uranus square during this lunation. Thankfully, even though the drumbeat of violence, rage and crime has gotten noticeably louder, this aspect did not coincide with a horrendous event,. I think we dodged a bullet on that one. The aspect will be exact again near the end of Dec.

Biden’s Saturn and Uranus Tour

I have to admit I was a little nervous when Joe Biden set out of his trip to Europe, with stopovers for the G-7, tea with the Queen and a summit with Vladimir Putin. I was nervous because right now both transiting Saturn and Uranus, which square one another in the sky, are both making hard aspects to President Biden’s natal Mars. A transit by either of these planets can be challenging. Getting both at the same time typically signals a very difficult period.

With that in mind, I was actually pleased with the somewhat lackluster outcome of this trip. No, the G-7 meeting didn’t bring us a major breakthrough on climate change and, yes, the summit with Putin was more about each leader taking stock of the other than anything substantial but, considering the damaging potential of these two transits in Biden’s chart, I’ll take it.

Of course, when we consider what’s waiting for Joe Biden once he gets back to Washington, this European tour might seem like a vacation. The situation on our border with Mexico remains a crisis, the deadly duo of Manchin and McConnell seem posed to slap down any progressive legislation that enters the Senate and we’re averaging a mass shooting every 24 hours. Reestablishing America’s place in the international community might be the easiest part of Joe Biden’s job.

Joe Manchin Has His Saturn MomentManchinJImage

Joe Biden wasn’t the only Joe to get a big promotion in the 2020 election. The same vote that put Biden in the White House made Joe Manchin the most powerful person in the U.S. Senate. Some might say he’s the most powerful man in the country since, with the Senate evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, his vote has become the deciding factor in many of the initiatives put forth by the Biden administration.

Manchin in a rare creature in today’s politics. He’s a conservative Democrat. He’s also a politician who is more attuned to the needs and opinions of his constituents than the dogma of his party. Back in the day, congress was full of conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans and they made deals in which party principles got bent but stuff got done. In the intensely partisan atmosphere of today’s political world, however, that kind of deal-making is rare.

Astrologically speaking, Joe Manchin is also an outlier. Born in 1947, he part of the Baby Boom Generation born with Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra. This is the generation that invented extreme partisanship. It is a generation full of people consumed with the idea that they had to save the world but sharply divided in their opinion of what they were saving it from. It is also a generation for which adhering to one’s principles and ideals matters much more than getting stuff done.