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Neptune Symbol
The Many Faces of Neptune

Every astrological indicator, every sign, planet, house, etc., can have multiple meanings. However, no factor in the horoscope can match the range of differences that we see with Neptune. Neptune is often related with profound spiritual insights but it is just as often associated with escapist trash. A transit by this planet might, on the one hand, promise awesome flights of imagination and creativity and on the other cruel deceptions.

Recently we’ve seen some rather dramatic demonstrations of this range of possibilities. A few day ago I wrote about the influence transiting Neptune was having on Simone Biles as it closed in on a conjunction with her natal Sun. I described how Neptune can dissolve the boundaries of self, opening up the ego to doubt and uncertainty. That Neptunian doubt caused Biles to pull out of several competitions in the Tokyo Olympics.

Then Biles encountered another face of Neptune. It is often difficult to explain to other people why we do what we do when Neptune is active in our charts. It’s personal. It’s psychological. Often, it’s spiritual and it doesn’t lend itself to a clear, rational description. Some people decided that Biles’ explanation for her decision to withdraw was just a cover for cowardness and a lack of will. Being misunderstood and having our actions misjudged is also a feature of Neptune.

Simone BalesBilesSimoneImage

The news that the American gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the final day of the team gymnastic competition at the Tokyo Olympics came as a shock to a lot of people. Biles had received a great deal of attention from the press in the months leading up to the Olympics and she is probably the most well-known athlete on the entire U.S. roster. Everyone expected her to be the star of this year’s Olympics.

Her withdrawal came after a stumble in an earlier round of the competition. The official explanation for the decision hinted at a health issues. I don’t necessarily doubt this claim, but her horoscope provides us with a different story. (Click on Simone Biles to see the chart.) (The time of birth used here has been apparently floating around on the internet. I don’t particularly trust it but for this analysis the time is not crucial.)

The chart features a trine between Mars and Neptune. This is certainly an appropriate aspect for a gymnast, combing the strength and athlete prowess of Mars with the artistry of Neptune. If this time is correct, her Moon is early Gemini and forms a Grand Trine with Mars and Neptune. This would also be appropriate. However, what interests me about this horoscope is the placement of the Sun at 23 degree of Pisces. It so happens that Neptune in currently transiting Pisces and is close to an exact conjunction to Biles’ natal Sun.

Following the Moon: July 23, 2021

The New Moon chart for July 9 (click here to see the article and the chart) had the Sun and Moon placed in the Sixth House of health and, true to form, the big news for this lunation period was the ominous increase in COVID-19 infections and deaths, particularly among people who are not vaccinated. To understand why people aren’t vaccinated we have to look at the square between Mercury and Neptune in that New Moon chart. Mercury is information. Afflicted by Neptune it is information that is based on fantasy and delusion.

My main concern about the New Moon chart was the T-square with Saturn opposed to Venus and Uranus square both. I feared that the country could be drawn into some foreign conflict. (Venus in the Seventh House.) I still held out hope that positive aspects to Uranus, at the peak of that T-square, by the Sun and Moon would help us avoid that eventually. It did. I also think that the fact that Venus occupied one arm of the T-square softened its destructive potential.

Kristi Noem’s Sagittarian EdgeNoemKristiImage

Politics is a game of possibilities. Even though the smart money is definitely on Donald Trump running for President again in 2024, several prominent Republicans are currently trying to position themselves to be a possible choice if the former president should decide not to run. Matt Gatz and Marjorie Taylor Green have been conducting an “American First” road show, Rick DeSantis tried to turn his visit to the Surfside Building collapse into a “presidential moment” and Mike Pence is trying to convince the Trumpites that wanted to hang him back in January that he really not so bad. However, in terms of style, none of these possible contenders matches South Dakota governor Kristi Noem for pure, Sagittarian abandon.

Noem is remembered as the South Dakota governor whose response to the COVID-19 epidemic was, “So, why is everyone so excited?” She refused to issue any of the preventive mandates recommended by the government and when the federal government handed Noem money for COVID relief she used it to advertise South Dakota as a tourist destination. “Come for the majestic scenery. Stay because you’re in a hospital on a ventilator.”

Noem’s horoscope (click on Kristi Noem to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth) contains several indicators of independence. We can start with the Sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarian hate being told what to do. The Sun in Noem’s horoscope is in a wide conjunction with Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, an aspect that pushes that independent streak to the max. On top of this, she has the Moon in Taurus. Taurus is a conservative sign, but Taurus people are quite willing to go to extremes to defend what they see and theirs.